barcode vb net Drawing Up a Plan for Success in Microsoft Office

Encoder Code128 in Microsoft Office Drawing Up a Plan for Success

Drawing Up a Plan for Success
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Even though you ve probably surfed the Web yourself for a while and you re comfortable with the Internet, your goal in signing up with Office Live is not to break new technical ground You want to share your knowledge of your field of
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Creating a Fully Functional Business Web Site
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interest by marketing the goods and services you ve developed Today, web sites particularly commercial web ventures need to be planned out and sophisticated Today s online shoppers demand well-designed content that appears quickly in their web browser and is easy to navigate The following sections lead you through the planning process so, when you begin to put your site together, you know what you want to do to achieve your goals
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What Do You Want to Do
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You re probably in a big hurry to start creating your web site But take a moment to step back, and set your goals and strategies Office Live makes the mechanics of setting up a basic e-commerce site relatively easy: the hard part is deciding what you want to do This means focusing on your target market and coming up with a plan for your business and web site as described throughout the rest of this chapter Making money on the Web doesn t only mean selling products or services online You can also create a site that functions as an online resource and attracts enough visitors that other businesses will pay to advertise with you Some of the most common goals for a business-oriented web site are listed in the following sections
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Selling Your Own Goods and Services
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When they think about setting up a profitable online business, most people plan on conducting sales of products Office Live isn t specifically set up for this purpose If it were, you would be provided with standard pages called Catalog, as well as a shopping cart, a utility that enables shoppers to save their selections until they are ready to pay for them A link to a payment service to complete the transaction would also be provided At press time, those pages aren t available directly through Office Live (although you can set them up by linking to other services), but don t let that be an obstacle Some enterprising web site owners have configured their own product catalogs with Office Live by taking advantage of some workarounds You follow the process in more detail in 12 You can also link to someone else s product catalog, as Ma Charina Brooks did with her Simply SoyNaturals site on Office Live
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Selling Someone Else s Products
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An affiliate is someone who earns a fee by selling products produced by a manufacturer Ma Charina Brooks does this through her Simply SoyNatural
How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Live
You can sell on behalf of other companies and make money as an affiliate
web site (http://wwwsimplysoynaturalcom), which was created with Office Live Basic As you can see from Figure 3-1, Brooks has loaded the links on the left side of her site s web pages with pages that sell products of all sorts She can do that because she s not only listing her descriptions on her Office Live site, but also linking to pages on other sites where shoppers can make selections and pay for what they purchase
Making Money from Advertising
If you have a strong customer base and consistently attract visitors to your site, you may be able to offer advertising to other businesses that want to reach your customers These days, with the popularity of online web-based diaries called
Creating a Fully Functional Business Web Site
Office Live as a Business Landing Page
As Ma Charina Brooks knows, businesses don t have a single front door In the traditional, brick-and-mortar business world, customers find out about companies through signs on the street, ads in the local paper, listings in the phone book, and word-of-mouth Web sites work the same way: the most successful ones present their target audience with links, directory listings, advertisements, and multiple landing pages, all of which direct people to the pages where they sell their products and services Brooks, a resident of North Carolina, uses her Office Live site not for direct sales, but for indirect selling Her site is a landing page that presents her products and her business, as well as leads visitors to other sites where they can complete transactions Not only that, but Brooks sells as an affiliate on behalf of various health- and beauty-product manufacturers For now, I am using Office Live as a landing site for my Direct Sales business, with the intention of redirecting them to my affiliate site, Brooks says I am thinking of upgrading my account with Office Live in the future By then, I will have more options and get more features, so my site will be used for direct sales, she adds Simply SoyNatural isn t Brooks s first or only web site She also created both a personal web site and one for her church The big advantage of selling as an affiliate is the capability to get started instantly The manufacturer provides the products and, often, photos you can add to your web site You don t need to reinvent the wheel Brooks is pleased with the response so far, and says it is more than what I expected Brooks isn t an artist, but she was able to create her site s logo with the images incorporated into Office Live s graphic web page themes In fact, Brooks was surprised by how easy Office Live Basics is to use Office Live looks very professional, she explains At first, I was worried that I might not be able to figure out how to create a site on Office Live, but I was wrong It is so easy to use, user-friendly (at least for me), and for something that is free (at least with the Basics service), it is well worth the time and effort
blogs, you have more ways than ever to develop a following and earn some advertising revenue Once you get lots of visitors, you can earn money by placing ads Advertising services, such as blogads (http://wwwblogadscom), specialize in finding popular blogs on which merchants can place advertisements
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