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Observing Netiquette
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One great thing about discussion forums on the Internet is that everyone can participate and post nearly anything they want But discussion forums have a downside they can easily be abused with off-topic, profane, and abusive postings A moderator keeps
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Live
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discussions focused by deleting inappropriate messages You don t see moderators in the Office Live Community, but you do see individuals who are identified by the acronym MSFT: Microsoft Microsoft staff people monitor the boards to answer questions and help users Click the Code of Conduct link at the bottom of any community page to find out more about rules regarding how users need to behave toward one another on the boards
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Posting to the Office Live Blog
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Typically, a blog is a series of comments posted by one individual But, the Office Live Blog is one where members of Microsoft s Office Live team post news and announcements about the service You can t post announcements yourself, but you can post comments about any of the blog messages It s a way to talk back to Microsoft and give them feedback about Office Live Also, a Suggestion Box message board is intended for customers to provide feedback on Office Live and ideas about features they want to see or problems they are encountering
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Marketing Your Site
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For everyone from presidential candidates to big-name manufacturers, the Web is fast becoming an essential place to advertise and get their messages out But, advertising online can cost thousands of dollars if you want to place pricey banner ads and hire marketing consultants The best way to ensure visits to your web site, as well as purchases or online orders, is simply to make your site more easily found Office Live gives you a head start with its adManager tool The following describes other common sense strategies
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Getting Found by the Search Engines
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One of the most frequently asked questions on the Office Live discussion boards is this: now that I ve created my web site, how do I get exposure for it One of the most effective ways to direct visitors to your Office Live site is to work with search networks, such as MSN, Google, and Yahoo! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the name given to the process of adjusting your site s content and links, so more people can find the site and so your site appears prominently in search results SEO isn t an exact science, and it isn t guaranteed to give you perfect results, but it is cost-effective (it s free if you do it yourself) and can give you good results
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CHAPTER 4: Communicating with the Outside World
Office adManager
Many people, when they think about publicizing their web site with a search engine, automatically think of Google You re being short-sighted (or, should I say, short-sited) if you only focus on this one service, however Google might be well known, but it s also well known as the most difficult search engine to crack in terms of improving your placement in search results In my experience, MSN Search (http://searchmsncom) is much more responsive when it comes to spreading the word and making sure your site gets prominent placement Office adManager, which is included with each of the three levels of Office Live service, is designed to help you market your site on MSN Search and Windows Live Search It s similar to Google s popular AdWords service: it enables business owners to create ads designed to appear along with search results You can also bid on keywords that cause your ad to appear alongside search results relevant to your site s contents For instance, if you create a site with Office Live on which you sell handcrafted Christmas tree ornaments, you would first create an ad for your site, like this: Unique Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments wwwfredsornamentscom You could then use adManager to bid on keywords your prospective customers would be likely to use to search for your site, such as ornaments, tree decorations, and the like If your bids are higher than those of your competitors, your short ad would appear prominently in any search results that include those keywords You pay only when someone clicks on your ad: in this pay-per-click system, you don t necessarily pay when the page is viewed but, instead, only when a viewer clicks on the ad and goes to your web site If your ad appears 500 times a month, you bid 10 per click and you get 50 clicks; you pay $5 for that month s adManager fee To get started with adManager, log in to Office Live and click Advertise Online The adManager Beta page appears Click Start to launch the Microsoft Office Live adManager Wizard, which leads you through the process of setting up an account for this service See 16 for more information
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