13: Charting Excel Data in Microsoft Office

Printer QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in Microsoft Office 13: Charting Excel Data

CHAPTER 13: Charting Excel Data
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Reposition Slice Values and Names on a Pie Chart
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If you want to move a category name on a pie chart, click once on any of the names and then click once more on the individual name you want to move The individual name acquires handles, and if you point to the border between the handles and drag, you can move the entire name anywhere you want on the chart Note that if you drag a pie slice label (the category name or the percentage, for example) away from the slice, a line appears between the name and the slice so that it remains clear that the label pertains to that particular slice of the pie
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Editing Chart Text
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To edit the text in a chart or axis title, just click twice on the text these are two distinct clicks, not a double-click On the first click, the title is selected, and on the second, your cursor is activated in the text box right on the chart At this point, you can use the arrow keys to move within the text for editing it, or while the text is selected, you can retype the text to replace it entirely If you open the Chart Options dialog box (Chart | Chart Options), you can edit your chart titles right within the dialog box rather than on the chart itself
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Resizing and Moving Charts
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When a chart is an object on a worksheet as opposed to being a sheet unto itself you can move and resize it as you would any graphic element When you click a chart object, handles appear on the four corners and in the middle of each side These handles can be used to resize the chart, making it taller, wider, narrower, shorter, or some combination thereof Figure 13-5 shows a selected chart and a handle in use the dashed border shows how big the chart will be when the mouse is released
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Deleting Charts
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To delete a chart object on any worksheet, just click the chart to select it (make sure the handles are on the perimeter of the chart, not on an element within the chart object) and press DELETE You can also right-click the chart and choose Clear from the shortcut menu If your chart is on a chart sheet all by itself, you need to delete the sheet In so doing, you get rid of the chart as well To delete the sheet, right-click the sheet tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu
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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office 2003
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Drag from a side handle to make the chart wider or narrower
Drag from the top or bottom to make the chart taller or shorter
Drag from a corner to resize the chart while maintaining its current width-height ratio
Choose a handle and drag it to resize the chart
Printing and Publishing Worksheets
How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office 2003
How to
Print a selection, one or more worksheets, or an entire workbook Control how many sheets of paper your printout requires Customize the appearance of a printout Publish worksheet content to the web
More and more often, the worksheets we create are viewed only onscreen Whether opened after being sent as an email attachment or viewed through a website, when you need to show someone else your worksheet, you don t necessarily need a printer to do so So why even talk about printing Because Excel offers so many options for printing that even if printing worksheets is something you rarely do, you ll want to know how to control your printout and make sure your printed worksheet makes a good impression Another focus of this chapter is the publishing of Excel content to the web saving a worksheet in HTML format and making the worksheet an interactive part of a web page
Printing Workbooks and Worksheets
Printing a workbook or worksheet is extremely easy Simply choose File | Print or click the Print button on the Standard toolbar, and after you click the OK button in the resulting Print dialog box (see Figure 14-1), your worksheet prints out This simple procedure and result are just the tip of
Choose your printer, which sheets to print, and how many copies to generate all within the Print dialog box
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