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The crimes were drive-by shootings on the information superhighway, in that Gorshkov and Ivanov chose their victims randomly Using a search engine, the Russians looked for financial institutions such as banks and casinos They attempted to compromise these systems using older, well-known vulnerabilities in Microsoft s Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL Server systems In particular, they used the vulnerability known as MDAC to compromise Windows NT IIS web servers This vulnerability is familiar to hackers and to security professionals the patch to the MDAC IIS vulnerability was first released by Microsoft on July 17, 1998! Despite the relatively low-tech nature of the exploit, Gorshkov and Ivanov were able to compromise numerous servers at many organizations They accessed personal financial information, including credit card numbers The stolen data was used to generate several revenue streams for the Russians They used the data to extort victims, threatening to go public with their exploits In a more clever swindle involving PayPal, eBay, stolen credit card numbers, and identify theft, the pair established thousands of email and PayPal accounts, became both bidder and seller on eBay, and then used the stolen credit card numbers to pay themselves The swindles, compromises, and extortion came to the attention of the FBI, resulting in the Invita invitation This same electronic crime spree spawned many other investigations Individual victims of identity theft were forced to investigate and resolve their personal situations Investigators from law enforcement tracked down the attackers, collecting and analyzing data Corporate victims of Internet compromise and extortion scrambled to assemble incident response teams Many apparently made business decisions to pay the money to the extortionists As a system administrator or business manager, what would you do in this type of situation Following these exploits and the November 10 flight to Seattle, both Ivanov and Gorshkov were indicted in several districts Gorshkov was convicted on 20 counts, and he faces three years in jail and $700,000 in restitution Ivanov awaits sentencing, but could receive up to 20 years in prison and up to $250,000
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The PathStar Conspiracy
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Direct monetary theft is certainly not the only type of international computer crime Consider the case known as PathStar, an example of economic espionage at Lucent In January 2000, Hai Lin, Kai Xu, and Yong-Qing Cheng founded ComTriad Technologies, a startup company in New Jersey Their product was to be a switch that integrated voice and data on IP networks After demonstrating the technology to Datang Telecom Technology Company of China (majority owned by the Chinese government), they received funding and agreed to a joint venture in Beijing However, along with being the founders of ComTriad Technologies, Hai Lin and Kai Xu were also employees of Lucent, and Yong-Qing Cheng was a contractor at Lucent All three worked on Lucent s PathStar project, developing a switch that integrates voice and data on IP networks The government s indictment against the trio alleges that the demonstration of technology to Datang in Hai Lin s basement was actually a demonstration of the PathStar Access Server from Lucent Furthermore, during the criminal investigation, investigators
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Real-World Incidents
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found Lucent s PathStar source code on the ComTriad web server The three men face 24 counts, including conspiracy to steal trade secrets, conspiracy to possess trade secrets, and allegation of wire fraud In the PathStar case, much of the technical investigation focused on proving that the PathStar source code was on ComTriad systems As a computer crime investigator, how, where, and when do you gather and analyze data to prove the case
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Although there are a wide variety of incidents, a recent case provides a good example of a still common type of incident that organizations must resolve On January 25, 2003, a security administrator at a regional bank thought he was enhancing the rule set on a Cisco router by applying IP permit ANY ANY as the first rule On a Cisco router, the rules are applied in order As the first rule in the list, this addition effectively removed any access restrictions that the router was providing This particular router was used to protect an Internet-facing demilitarized zone (DMZ) Fast-forward one month, when the security administrator notes that the Internet connection is abnormally sluggish Further investigation shows that Internet systems are transferring large amounts of data to and from an FTP server within the DMZ The FTP transfers are a red flag, because Internet FTP is not allowed by the bank s policy The system administrator begins to investigate The FTP server is configured to permit anonymous FTP, with directories allowing both read and write access A common risk associated with this exposure is that software pirates and media lovers will use the FTP server to store and trade warez, or illegal software That is exactly what was happening The security administrator discovered directories containing entire movies such as Tomb Raider and Star Wars Internet users were saturating the bank s connection as they traded DVDs For many administrators, the case would end here The solution would be to immediately reapply the access controls on the router and disable anonymous FTP access They would consider the computer misuse annoying and unfortunate, but not a huge business impact It s the type of incident that system administrators deal with on a regular basis However, in this case, because the systems were deemed sensitive due to their business function, an outside opinion on the incident was requested The computer in question was a web server and staging server used by software developers who were creating and updating the bank s e-commerce software Key questions included: M I I I I L Did Internet users download sensitive source code or information Did Internet users upload malicious code or modify source code Was the computer accessed in any way other than FTP If so, did the access occur at a higher privilege level Was the computer used to access other systems in the DMZ Was customer data present in the DMZ and accessible from the web server compromised
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