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Work with Macros
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A macro is a series of PowerPoint commands that you save You can then run the macro and execute all the commands in the macro A macro can save you hours of time doing repetitive tasks All macros are written in VBA
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CHAPTER 13: Customize PowerPoint
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There are two ways to create a macro If you can execute the commands for the macro in PowerPoint to get the result you want, you can record the macro For example, let s say you need to format fills in a certain way You find yourself going through the same formatting steps over and over Instead, you can select an object, start recording, and go through the same steps When you stop recording, you have a macro From now on, you can run the macro and let it do the work for you Other macros cannot be recorded If you want a procedure to be executed under only certain conditions, you need to write the macro using VBA Macros used in Slide Show view also need to be written, because Slide Show view doesn t have menus and toolbars to let you run through the macro s commands In these cases, you need to learn how to program in VBA or find someone who knows how In this section, I explain how to record and run macros I also provide an introduction to writing VBA macros with the assumption that you are not a programmer If you are, the Program with VBA section will provide you with an introduction to the programming tools available in PowerPoint 2002
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Record a Macro
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If you want to record a macro, it often pays to practice the macro steps first If the macro is long, you might even want to write down the steps you need to take Otherwise, if you make a mistake, you may need to record the macro again It s a little like rehearsing a presentation! When you know what you need to do, set up the initial conditions first For example, if you want to write a macro to format the fill of objects, you need to select an object first It doesn t make any difference which object you select If the macro will be run in Slide Sorter view, go into Slide Sorter view Macros may not work if you try to run them in a different circumstance than the one you recorded them in The macro recorder is a wonderful tool, almost magical, but it cannot track where you move or click your mouse on the part of the screen that contains your presentation Therefore, if you try to select an object while recording a macro, the results will not be what you expect Sometimes this requires learning new ways of doing familiar tasks However, you can record using the mouse to click a toolbar button or choose a menu item To record a macro, follow these steps: 1 Choose Tools | Macro | Record New Macro PowerPoint opens the Record Macro dialog box, shown here
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How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2002
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2 In the Macro Name text box, type a name for the macro Macro names may not have spaces, and the first character must be a letter You can use an underscore Examples of macro names are FormatFill and Format_Fill 3 If you wish, add a description of the macro in the Description box You can describe exactly what the macro does 4 Click OK PowerPoint places the Stop Recording button, shown here, on your screen, both to remind you that you are recording and so that you can stop recording when you re done 5 Execute each command that you want to record If you make a little mistake, you can correct it For example, if you choose the wrong color, you can go back and choose the correct color PowerPoint records both the mistake and your correction, but the end result is OK, although the macro might take a couple of milliseconds longer to run 6 When you are done, click the Stop Recording button If you make a big mistake while recording, stop recording and start over Use the same macro name PowerPoint asks if you want to replace the existing macro Choose Yes and continue the process You may also be able to edit the macro, as explained later in this chapter in the section Manage Macros
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