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which uses an optical synchronization track on the film coupled with multichannel digital audio from a CD The primary multichannel audio system of DVD-Video is Dolby Digital DTS optionally can be placed on the disc in addition to the primary Dolby Digital or PCM audio track In 1999, Dolby and Lucasfilm THX added a new rear center channel option to Dolby Digital The new Surround EX format first appeared on Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Not to be outdone, DTS came out with an Extended Surround (DTS-ES) rear center channel decoder that could decode Surround EX DTS also released a new discrete 61-channel format, which provided a separate center surround channel instead of relying on matrix encoding Movie production has now entered the era where entire scenes or entire movies are generated inside a computer, never being touched by light to trace the images in silver halide crystals on a film negative Pixar s A Bug s Life was the first motion picture feature to be transferred directly to DVD without being printed to film The resulting picture quality was astounding, especially on a progressive-scan digital playback system such as a computer A Bug s Life also pioneered the concept of reframing scenes and repositioning characters and objects to create a full-screen 4:3 version of the film Digital movie projection, or d-cinema, has been surprisingly successful in early tests, many of which used DVD-ROM to distribute the electronic movie files to theaters around the world As the waves of digital convergence lap higher onto the shores of Hollywood, the digital nature of DVD will become increasingly important for best-quality distribution of movies
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Dancing Electrons
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About the same time as Muybridge was stretching strings across racetracks, scientists around the world were envisioning television Once again, the new ideas were christened with fanciful names derived from familiar technology such as radioscope, phonoscope, cinematophone, radiovision, telephone eye, and the jaw-breaking chronophotographoscope The word television is credited to science writer Hugo Gernsback,7 who published popular science journals beginning in 1908 Many early television ideas were developed almost simultaneously around the world and involved mechanical systems that transmitted each
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Hugo Gernsback may be familiar to science fiction fans as the eponym of the Hugo Award His name also may be familiar to readers of Popular Electronics magazine, produced by Gernsback Publications
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individual picture element on a separate connection These were dropped in favor of rapidly scanning the image one line at a time In 1884, Paul Nipkow applied for a patent in Germany on his image-scanning design that used a rotating disc with holes arranged in a spiral, essentially an updated version of the phenakistoscope Television technology improved slowly, still based on clumsy mechanical designs, until the first experimental broadcasts were made in the 1920s Meanwhile, a 14-year-old Utah farm boy named Philo Farnsworth was looking at plowed furrows and dreaming of deflecting beams of electrons in similar rows Six years later, on January 7, 1927, he submitted the patent applications that established him as the inventor of the all-electronic television The honor of creating the first working electronic television system also belongs to Kenjito Takayanagi of Tokyo, who transmitted an image of Japanese writing to a cathode-ray tube on Christmas Day, 1926 The first nonexperimental television broadcasts began in 1935 in Germany and included coverage of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin The German system had only 180 lines In Britain, John Logie Baird steadily improved a mechanically scanned television system from 50 lines to 240, and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) used it for experimental broadcasts Improved high definition commercial broadcasts using a 405-line system were begun by the BBC in Britain in 1936, although they were shut down 3 years later by World War II (with a sign-off broadcast of a Mickey Mouse cartoon) and did not return until 1946 (with a repeat of the same cartoon) In the United States, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) demonstrated television to entranced crowds at the 1939 World s Fair, and RCA s David Sarnoff declared that 10,000 sets would be sold before the end of the year However, at a price equivalent to more than $2500 and with sparse programming from scattered transmitters, only a few thousand sets were sold NBC began commercial broadcasts on July 1, 1941 Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) also switched from experimental to commercial broadcasts at about the same time About 10,000 televisions were scattered around the United States in 1946, and when World War II production restrictions were lifted, another 10,000 were soon sold Three years later, there were over 1 million sets, and after only 2 more years, in 1951, there were over 10 million In 1950, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) selected a new field sequential color system from CBS that used a three-color wheel spinning inside each TV This was chosen over RCA s fully electronic version, which didn t have sufficient quality at the time Luckily circumstances and the Korean War delayed implementation long enough that CBS abandoned its mechanical system as RCA improved its electronic version The official National
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