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audio output from the player s setup menu or via the switch on the back of the player If the connection is to a standard digital audio system (including one with a Dolby Pro Logic processor), select PCM audio output instead In cases where a player has an optical (Toslink) connection but the audio system has a coaxial (S/PDIF) connection, or vice versa, a converter can be purchased for a few hundred dollars When you have used a digital connection, there is no need to make an analog audio connection The exception is when certain players are set to output PCM audio at a 96 kHz sampling rate When an encrypted disc prohibits 96 kHz output, some players will only produce analog audio output In this case, a separate analog connection is needed Multichannel Analog Audio A component multichannel audio connection can be as good as a digital audio connection However, such outputs use the digital-to-analog converters that are built into the player, and they may not always be of the best quality, especially on a low-cost player The analog signal also must be converted back to digital when connected to a digital receiver If you have an amplifier with multichannel inputs or a Dolby-Digital-ready receiver, six-channel audio connections are an appropriate choice, since a Dolby Digital decoder is no longer required All DVD players include a built-in two-channel Dolby Digital audio decoder Only some players include a full six-channel decoder along with the multichannel digital-to-analog converters and external connectors necessary to make the decoded audio available Some players support the Dolby EX or DTS ES formats, which add a rear center channel In this case, a seventh audio connection is necessary to use the added channel DVD-Audio, with more emphasis on multichannel PCM audio, makes a multichannel amplifier more important Unless the amplifier has MLP inputs (most do not), six analog connections or three pairs of two-channel digital audio connections are needed to carry all six PCM audio signals Otherwise, the player must downmix to two-channel Dolby Surround Connecting Multichannel Analog Audio The player typically has six RCA or BNC jacks (or seven for EX/ES formats), one for each channel A receiver/amplifier with six audio inputs or more than one amplifier is needed Hook six audio cables to the connectors on the player and to the matching connectors on the audio system The connectors typically are labeled for each speaker position: L, LT, or Left; R, RT, or Right; C or Center; LR, Left Rear, LS, or Left Surround; RR, Right Rear, RS, or Right Surround; Subwoofer or LFE; and sometimes, CR, Center Rear, CS, or Center Surround Some receivers use a single DB-25 connector instead of separate
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connectors An adapter cable is required to convert from DB-25 on one end to multiple RCA connectors on the other Stereo/Surround Analog Audio A two-channel audio connection is the most widely used option, but it does not have the quality and discrete channel separation of a digital or multichannel audio connection All DVD players include at least one pair of RCA (or sometimes BNC) connectors for stereo output Any disc with multichannel audio will be downmixed automatically by the player to Dolby Surround output for connection to a regular stereo system or a Dolby Surround/Pro Logic system Connecting Stereo/Surround Analog Audio Connect two audio cables with RCA or BNC connectors to the player Connect the other ends to a receiver, an amplifier, a TV, or other audio amplification system Connectors may be labeled audio, left, or right The connector for the left channel is usually white, and the connector for the right channel is usually red In some cases, the audio input on the stereo system (such as a boom box, if it can be rightly called a stereo system) will be a phono or miniphono jack instead of two RCA jacks An adapter cable must be used If the player is a portable player with a miniphono connector, a phono-to-RCA adapter cable is usually required to connect the player to the audio system If the player includes a phono or miniphono connector for headphones, it is generally not recommended that the headphone output be used to connect the player to a stereo system because the line levels are not appropriate AC-3 RF Digital Audio This digital audio output is provided only by combination laserdisc/DVD players The AC-3 digital audio signal from the FM audio track of a laserdisc is presented at this output Laserdisc AC-3 audio does not appear at the standard PCM/AC-3 output (although the stereo PCM audio track does) Audio from a DVD does not come out the AC-3 RF output In other words, this is a special output designed solely for the AC-3 signal from a laserdisc, which is in a different format from DVD s AC-3 signal Hook a coaxial cable from the AC-3 RF output of the player to the AC-3 RF input of the receiver or AC-3 processor Make sure the receiving end is set to rf mode or can automatically adapt to an RF signal In order to receive all audio signals from a combination laserdisc/DVD player, three separate audio hookups are required: a PCM/AC-3 connection (for DVD digital audio and laserdisc PCM digital audio), an AC-3 RF connection (for laserdisc AC-3 audio), and an analog stereo connection (for the laserdisc analog channels, which often contain supplemental audio)
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