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The heart-thumping, seat-shaking excitement of action movies relies heavily on deep, powerful low-frequency audio effects DVD provides audio quality that is actually better than what comes on film for theaters it is up to the home theater owner (subject to the spousal approval factor and the neighbor tolerance factor) how close he or she wants to get to a theater sound system All the 1 sound encoding formats on DVD provide special channels for low-frequency effects (LFE) Despite becoming a standard feature, the LFE channel is misunderstood by people producing DVDs and by people listening to them Part of the problem is that the LFE channel is overused by audio engineers It possible and quite normal for all the bass in a movie to be mixed in the five main channels, since they are all full frequency The LFE channel should be reserved for extraordinary bass effects, the type that only work well in a full discrete surround system with at least one subwoofer Again, however, the same bass effects could be mixed in a 50 configuration with no loss or compromise The reason is that modern receivers, particularly those with Dolby Digital and DTS decoders and a separate subwoofer output, have integrated bass management Depending on the speaker configuration, the receiver automatically filters and routes bass below a certain frequency to the speakers that can reproduce it For example, if an audio system has five small bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer, the receiver should send all the bass below 80 Hz or so to the subwoofer In an audio system with a few large speakers, some smaller speakers, and subwoofer or two, the receiver will route low-frequency audio from all channels to the large speakers and the subwoofers It does not matter what channel the bass comes from; all low frequencies from the main channels and the LFE channel will be sent to every speaker that can handle them This is the key to understanding why certain complaints about bass and LFE are groundless A 50 mix does not compromise the audio or cheat owners of high-end audio systems, since all the necessary bass is still in the mix Omitting the LFE channel when downmixing to two channels is not a terrible thing, since nothing important is in the LFE channel only extra oomph effects that few two-channel systems can do justice to This does assume that the engineer creating the audio mix understands the purpose of the LFE channel and does not blindly move all low frequencies into it See 12 for more about bass allocation and LFE mixing
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DVD at Home
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Video Hookup
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A DVD player must be connected to a video system: a television, a video projector, a flat-panel display, a video processor, an audio/visual (A/V) receiver or video switcher, a VCR, a video capture card, or other equipment capable of displaying or processing a video signal If you have a widescreen TV, the details can be confusing See 3 for information about aspect ratios and wide-screen display modes For all but RF video, audio cables are also required, since the video connection does not carry audio Things get a bit tricky when there are multiple devices fighting over a single TV For example, a DVD player, VCR, cable box, and video game console may all need to be connected to a TV with only one video input In this case, the best option is to use an A/V receiver, which will switch the video along with the audio When buying a new A/V receiver, get as many video inputs as you can afford you will always end up with more video sources than you think you will If an A/V receiver is out of your price range, get a new TV with more video inputs or get a manual video switching box If you have only a DVD player and a VCR (or cable box), you can hook the VCR or cable box to the antenna input of the TV and hook the DVD player to the video input Using the remote control, switch between channel 3 (or 4) and the auxiliary video input Do not connect the DVD player through the VCR Most movies use Macrovision protection (see 4), which affects VCRs and causes problems such as a repeated darkening and lightening of the picture You also may have problems with a TV/VCR combo, since many of them route the video input through the VCR circuitry In this case, the only solution is to get a device that removes Macrovision from the signal Most DVD players provide two or three video hookup options, detailed in the following sections Component Video Until digital connections are available, this is the preferred method of connecting a DVD player to a video system Component video output provides three separate video signals in RGB or YPbPr (Y, B-Y, R-Y) format These are two different formats that are not directly interchangeable Unlike composite or s-video connections, component signals do not interfere with each other and are thus not subject to the slight picture degradation caused by crosstalk Since the video is stored in three component parts on the disc, this provides the cleanest path from disc to display
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