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Who Needs to Know About DVD
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The number of people who are feeling or will feel the effect of DVD is truly astonishing A large part of this astonished multitude requires a working knowledge of DVD, including its capabilities, strengths, and limitations This book provides most of this knowledge DVD will affect a remarkably diverse range of fields A few are illustrated in the following pages
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DVD has significantly raised the quality and enjoyability of home entertainment According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), there were over 19 million American homes with a home theater5 system by the end of 1999 As DVD player prices drop, the players are becoming increasingly attractive as the central component of home theater systems and as
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4 In this age of digital art, it is probably more appropriate to say that DVD is rubbing a very large smudge tool across the line 5 CEA defines a home theater system as a 25-inch or larger TV, hi-fi VCR or laserdisc player or DVD player, and a surround sound system with at least four speakers
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What Is DVD
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replacements for aging CD players DVD video recorders, as they steadily drop in price, will challenge VCRs for the spot next to the television
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Music and Audio
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Because audio CD is well established and satisfies the needs of most music listeners, DVD will have less of an effect in this area The introduction of DVD-Audio trailed DVD-Video by almost 4 years, and the DVD-Video format already incorporated higher-than-CD-quality audio and multichannel surround sound DVD players also play audio CDs All this leaves the DVDAudio format with a tough sales job However, the unprecedented success of DVD-Video ensures that DVD-Audio will come along for the ride, especially as new players support both formats and the distinctions fade away DVD-Audio has a special appeal to music labels because it includes copy protection features that CD never had Whether those protections will last long and whether they continue to be relevant in the face of Internet music distribution remains to be seen DVD is a boon for audio books and other spoken-word programs Dozens of hours of stereo audio can be stored on one side of a single disc a disc that is cheaper to produce and more convenient to use than cassette tapes or multi-CD sets
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Music Performance Video
Despite the success of MTV and the virtual prerequisite that a music group cut a video in order to be heard, music performance video has not done as well as expected in the videotape or laserdisc markets Perhaps it is because you cannot pop a video in a player and continue to read or work around the house The added versatility of DVD, however, may be the golden key that unlocks the gates for music performance video With high-quality, longplaying video and multichannel surround sound, DVD music video appeals to a range of fans from opera to ballet to New Age to acid rock Music albums on DVD can improve their fan appeal by adding such tidbits as live performances, interviews, backstage footage, outtakes, video liner notes, musician biographies, and documentaries Sales of DVD-Video music titles have already exceeded many expectations One of the targets for DVD-Video player sales is the replacement CD player market CD players inevitably break or are upgraded, and shoppers looking for a new player may be persuaded to spend a little more to get a
device that also can play movies The natural convergence of the audio and video player will bolster the success of combined music and video titles
Training and Productivity
Until it is eventually replaced by streaming video on broadband Internet, DVD will become the medium of choice for video training The low cost of hardware and discs, the widespread use of players, the availability of authoring systems, and a profusion of knowledgeable DVD developers and producers will make DVD in both DVD-Video and multimedia DVD-ROM form ideal for industrial training, teacher training, sales presentations, home education, and any other application where full video and audio are needed for effective instruction Especially popular are DVDs that connect to the Internet, making up for the fact that streaming video is too small, too slow, too fuzzy, and too unreliable to be of any use to the average learner Videos for teaching skills from accounting to TV repair to dental hygiene, from tai chi to guitar playing to flower arranging become vastly more effective when they take advantage of the on-screen menus, detailed images, multiple soundtracks, selectable subtitles, and other advanced interactive features of DVD Consider an exercise video that randomly selects different routines each day or lets you choose the mood, the tempo, and the muscle groups on which to focus Or a first-aid training course that slowly increases the difficulty level of the lessons and the complexity of the practice sessions Or an auto-mechanic training video that allows you to view a procedure from different angles at the touch of a remote control (preferably one with a grease-proof cover) Or a cookbook that helps you select recipes via menus and indexes and then demonstrates with a skilled chef leading you through every step of the preparation All this on a small disc that never wears out and never has to be rewound or fast-forwarded DVD is cheaper and easier to produce, store, and distribute than videotape Other products such as laserdisc, CD-i, and even Video CD have done well in training applications, but they require expensive or specialized players As DVD becomes more established, almost every home and office will have either a standalone player or a DVD computer
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