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CONTENTS AT A GLANCE Overview Energy for Electricity Generation North American Power Grid Single- versus Three-Phase Power Power Generating Stations AC Generators Auxiliary Power Station Equipment Generator Synchronization Wye- and Delta-Connected Loads AC Transmission Systems Transmission Towers, Poles, and Frames High-Voltage DC Transmission
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The first commercial power plant was opened in San Francisco in 1879 It was followed in 1882 by the opening of Thomas Edison s Pearl Street station in New York City, which delivered direct current (DC) electric power In 1893 alternating current (AC) generation and transmission were displayed at the Chicago Worlds Fair By 1896 an AC transmission line had delivered power generated by a Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant some 20 miles to Buffalo, New York After a contentious battle between Thomas Edison and other proponents of DC power, the advocates of AC power such
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as Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse prevailed Alternating current became the accepted national power standard Demonstrations had proven that AC transmitted over long distances sustained lower power losses than DC transmitted over the same distances Over the next hundred years a North American power grid, a major development in power generation and transmission, evolved from the consolidation of separate AC power generation and distribution networks This grid now stretches across the country from New York to California, with parts extending into Canada and Mexico More recently, computer-controlled switching systems with advanced software have been introduced into the power grid Meanwhile, electric power generating capacity has fallen behind the ever-increasing demand for electricity in North America The power shortage has been traced to the complications brought on by deregulation, a shortfall in the construction of new power plants, and strong environmental activism that has inhibited new plant construction The deregulation of the electric power industry in the 1990s has resulted in immense changes in the industry since that time While traditional electric utilities still generate, transmit, and distribute electricity much as they did before deregulation, many others have taken advantage of deregulation to divest themselves of their power generation facilities, which had long served their local areas Of these utilities, some acquired newer, more efficient generation plants in other locations, while others abandoned generation altogether Some utilities that gave up on generation claimed that they wanted to concentrate their resources on transmission, distribution, and improving customer service, but others admitted that they just wanted to be free from the constant public complaints about the air pollution produced by their power stations As a direct result of deregulation, the electric power industry has seen the entry into the market of small and independent power producers, so-called merchant generators, and power marketers Moreover, there has been a significant increase in mergers and acquisitions within the industry, along with the entry of some power utilities into other, more lucrative commercial enterprises The objective of some of this diversification has been the formation of integrated energy services Power marketers act as independent middlemen who buy and sell electricity in the wholesale market at market prices Most of this power is traded in the growing electricity commodity market In the past, power marketers did not own electric generation, transmission, or distribution facilities, but recently even this has changed They are now acquiring generation plants under various ownership and leasing arrangements Electric utilities now bid for electricity from various generation plants in two auctions, one that occurs every day before the power is scheduled for use and another that happens an hour before use The US electric power industry today is a complex mix of organizations consisting primarily of shareholder-owned, cooperative-owned, and government-owned utilities engaged in power generation, transmission, and distribution There are, however, other participants classed as nonutility producers and suppliers As one of the nation s largest industries, the revenues generated by the US electric power industry surpass those of the telecommunications, airline, and natural gas industries Demand for electricity in the United States has historically been closely correlated with economic growth Since the end of World War II, electric power demand has
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