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LAN Wiring Technology
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10 Gigabit Standards and Cabling for Copper At the onset of 10 Gb LAN technology, users and installers of structured wiring faced the usual two-pronged dilemma How does one utilize existing cable and what cable should be installed in new build-outs As with its approach to gigabit cabling, the TIA has very good answers for both of these 10 Gb questions The answers are: 1) test installed cable to determine the performance parameters that will support 10 GigE operation (is it possible with your cable, and to what extent ), and 2) specify new performance categories for new cabling installations that will work for 10 GigE and everything else Existing Category 6 Cabling Existing Category 6 cable plants constitute a significant problem TSB-155, from the TIA, handles this problem by specifying extended performance measurements that are needed for a 55 m range6 over existing Category 6 facilities One of the critical parameters that have been identified for 10 Gbps is called alien crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT, as well as the power-sum components) Alien crosstalk is basically interference that comes from a source outside the cable jacket This was not a test parameter in the original Category 6 standard, but greatly affects 10 Gb performance Another very important new test parameter is the test frequency range of Cat 6 Originally, Cat 6 was tested only to 250 MHz, but testing to 500 MHz is needed for 10 Gb operation TSB-155 and IEEE 8023an provide for this 55 m option over existing Category 6 cabled runs Realistically, a large number of runs are within 55 m (~165 ft) and can support 10 GigE, as-is You are in good shape if you bought (and properly installed) cabling and components that meet enhanced performance levels above the Cat 6 minimums You can certainly expect to be able to run 10 GigE to 55 m and you might well approach 100 m Augmented Category 6 (AC6), Augmented Class E Cabling Cable and connector manufacturers have found ways to construct Cat 6 components with enhanced performance This performance category is called Augmented Category 6 by the TIA or AC6, for short The corresponding IEC standard is Augmented Class E AC6 is tested for both 250 and 500 MHz performance in a number of parameters, including alien crosstalk Amendment 10 of TIA-568-B2 is the first to describe these parameters The objective is to support 10 GigE to at least 55 to 100 m with Cat 6, and the full 100 m on AC6 (Augmented Class E) cable Now, doesn t that give you hope for the future of copper cabling
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Although 100 m is the normal length of the shortest channels in TIA-568 s structured wiring, a 55 m range is the best that can be expected for Category 6 channels that only meet the minimum specs
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Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Cabling Technology
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Category 6 or AC6 cable will need special handling when used for 10 GigE Alien crosstalk is one of the major new parameters that affect traditional Cat 6 cable s ability to successfully provide a 10 Gb link Alien crosstalk is that crosstalk that comes from sources outside the cable jacket Because most Category 6 cable is unshielded, only the native interference-canceling properties of twisted-pair balanced transmission can give immunity to alien NEXT (ANEXT) and alien FEXT7 In addition to whatever natural interference reduction you may get from Cat 6 or AC6, you can do a lot to avoid incidental interference by careful cable placement and separation The coupling of interfering signals from adjacent cables can dramatically be reduced simply by not jamming the cables together You should also take additional care to avoid common interference sources, such as florescent lamps, ballasts, and motors Shielded Cat 6 and AC6 cables are available, and are good alternatives for new installations that might require 10 GigE at modest distances The advantage to Cat 6/AC6, in this case, is total compatibility with lower-speed networking, and of course, lower cost compared to Category 7 Category 7 (Class F) Cabling Supershielded Category 7, Class F, cabling is clearly best able to handle 10 Gb signaling Cat 7 is a recent addition to the standards efforts, but it has been preceded by an enormous amount of hype The marketing aside, Category 7 offers us a whole new range of performance to support applications that were never before feasible for structured cabling Some of these applications include multiple technologies in the same cable: voice and data, two data connections, video, CATV, and of course 10 GigE (and higher!) The enormous amount of cabling infrastructure that uses the traditional 8-pin modular RJ-style connector presents a special problem for Cat 7 As stated in other chapters, the RJ-style connector is a terrible RF connector Even when high-speed data were defined as 10 Mbps, the RJ connector was one of the primary limiting factors in extending cable runs It is probably the reason that the horizontal link was standardized at only 100 m As you can imagine, problems with the RJ only increase with higher speeds and categories of operation At 100 MHz, its performance is marginal, and at 600 MHz it is downright pathetic The answer for Category 7 is to authorize the use of two different connector types The first is a specially modified RJ-style shielded connector system (Fig 127) that is reverse-compatible with normal Cat 6 and lower cables The common name for the Cat 7 RJ-style connector is GG45 The second is a totally new connector that
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NEXT and FEXT are near-end crosstalk and far-end crosstalk, respectively There is more information on these and other parameters in 15
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