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LAN Wire Management
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as far as the standard s Channel testing method is concerned If you change cables, to use a longer or shorter cable for example, you must re-certify the Channel The Permanent Link was designed to allow a cable installation to be certified once the horizontal cables were installed by the installation contractor As a matter of fact, the link was originally called the Contractor s Link Naturally, the user and patch cords were not in place at this stage and would have been impossible to test Nevertheless, the performance of the entire link (the Channel) is ultimately what the user depends on, so this test was also included as an important benchmark of overall link performance Which link test should you use Permanent Link certification is probably sufficient in most cases of new installations It will ensure that the 90 m (maximum) of horizontal cable is performing to specifications The Permanent Link test is considered the most reasonable performance testing standard for a turnkey cable system installation, because the vendor may have little or no control over the cables used to connect to the equipment Also, the build-out stage of construction is the best time to correct any problems that are revealed by a Permanent Link test After the network equipment is installed and connected, it will be easiest and most useful to do Channel testing The Channel test is obviously very useful in dealing with network equipment vendors You can rely on your cable system completely when it has been certified as a Channel Performance Levels Two types of performance levels should be considered in making field tests, the first being the performance category of the cable system You should determine long before installation what category of performance you require and then test to that level The second type of performance is the accuracy level of the field tester you intend to use to certify the cable We have discussed the cable performance categories at length in previous chapters The three categories of operation specified by TIA-568-C and related standards are Categories 3, 5e, and 6 A new tighter version of Category 6, called AC6 or Augmented Category 6, is tested to 500 MHz or better Other standards, such as some of the ISO documents, characterize similar performance levels, although with some differences For example, the ISO/IEC IS-11801 specifies identical categories for uninstalled cable and components, but uses a class system for installed links Table 154 shows how the TIA categories correspond to the ISO classes In most instances, the TIA categories are the same or tougher in test parameters and may be substituted with no problems If you are in a situation that needs to reference these other standards, you should adjust your testing accordingly While most of these
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Testing and Certifying LAN Wiring
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Comparison of TIA/EIA Categories and ISO/IEC Classes TIA-568-C ISO/IEC IS-11801 Category 5 Class D Category 5e Class D Category 6 Class E Category 7* Class F *
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*Category 7 and Class F are proposed extensions to the performance models
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standards on an international level are coordinated (also called harmonized) to use the same procedures, nomenclature, and limits, they may also contain deviations in language and some parameters that are appropriate in that region of the world In addition, the standards bodies that promulgate these documents revise them on differing time cycles, and they may not be exactly synchronized to implement changes at the same time that the overall international community deems necessary TIA-568-C identifies two performance levels for field testers, Accuracy Levels I and II Accuracy Level II is the toughest, and is justified when you intend to operate your cable drops at or very near the length or performance limits, including user cords and jumpers Table 155 shows the minimum requirements for the two levels These accuracy levels are provided to ensure that the test instrument can actually measure the cable link parameters that need to be certified Accuracy Level II is intended to closely mimic the laboratory test equipment and turns out to be more than was needed for reasonable measurements A third accuracy standard is now specified in TIA-568-C, called Accuracy Level IIe It allows for measurement to Category 5e It is difficult to say which type of tester you need for certification The potential problems actually occur only at or very near the acceptable performance limits In a cable plant that uses very high quality cable and components and that has relatively short cable runs, you may never approach the limits required for your category of operation However, if you use low-quality materials and questionable installation practices, you may see a lot of links at the performance limits The Accuracy Level II is difficult to achieve, as its intent is to very closely emulate the performance of general-purpose laboratory analyzers costing 10 to 20 times as much Now that TIA has endorsed Level IIe accuracy, that is really all you need to properly verify link performance For routine use, it may be sufficient to get an Accuracy Level I tester or one that does not achieve Accuracy Level IIe on all parameters Some testers may offer different performance levels on Permanent Links and Channels, because the Channel test requires the use of the 8-pin modular connector at the test interface As a LAN manager, you may choose to get a less expensive Accuracy Level I tester for your own casual troubleshooting use, and depend on an installation contractor for Accuracy Level II-e tests when necessary
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