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Here are some wiring features to watch for as the house nears the plaster/drywall stage, and how the electrical inspection proceeds: 1 See that in exterior walls, cables installed horizontally run along the top of the bottom plate This provides the least interference with wall insulation Most electric cable is sufficiently flexible to comply 2 Be careful how electric wiring is installed in bathrooms It should not be run through the area around the bathtub Wiring should also stay clear of places where long screws may be used to fasten shelving, soap dishes, or towel racks to the wall
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Individuals with busy schedules can employ relatively sophisticated home control centers by simply touching bedside controls or clicking the mouse of a personal computer These units can operate various home equipment functions even from remote locations through code numbers sent via Touch-Tone phone lines Homeowners can better manage their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to save money and increase comfort These electronic units can control functions such as the following:
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Setting/checking security systems before leaving the home or
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retiring at night Setting lawn sprinklers for the next morning or evening Automatically turning off/on house or Christmas lights Setting what time a VCR/television should wake you up or record a program Automatically starting kitchen or other appliances
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3 Wires should not be placed too close to any plumbing to avoid damage from the plumber s propane torch 4 After all the rough wiring is completed known as the roughing out and checked over, the electrician will contact both the Underwriters Laboratory inspector and the local building code inspector who will inspect everything and, if satisfied, will issue a certificate and notify the utility company The utility company will then send a representative to connect power to the house 5 The electrician can now wire all the outlet box receptacles as soon as the walls are insulated and covered To finish this work, the electrician must know how you plan to complete the walls so that the boxes can be set to project the right amount through the finished walls
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Remember to give some consideration to the following features: 1 Noiseless, no-click light switches There are also silent touch-button switches that require only slight finger pressure There are flatplate models that are set flush against the wall Slight pressure on the top turns a light on, and pressure on the bottom turns it off 2 Ivory, colored, metallic, and other decorator switchplates are available instead of the standard plastic brown, off-white, or tan models that might clash with your decor Electrical and lighting suppliers carry them in a wide variety of models and materials These unique switchplates can give your house an interesting finishing touch overlooked in most dwellings today 3 Dimmer controls enable you to adjust lighting intensity up or down according to your needs Illumination in a room can be dimmed to a candlelight glow for a dinner party, kept subdued for television watching, or turned up brightly for reading Dimmers are used chiefly for living and dining rooms, but can also be used in a bathroom night-light arrangement 4 You can have built-in automatic switches that turn on the closet lights when the doors are opened, and then turn them off again when the doors are closed, similar to the refrigerator interior lighting setup
5 Remote-control lighting is surprisingly simple to install It can permit you to turn indoor and outdoor lights on or off from a central location such as the kitchen or master bedroom A remote kitchen switch can control front door or garage lights, for example A control panel next to your bed can eliminate that final tour of your house and grounds every night to turn out all lights 6 Electrical snow-melting panels are available for sidewalks and driveways, and electrical snow-melting wire strung along your roof gutters will prevent the accumulation of dangerous snowdrifts and icicles on the roof slopes and gutters (Fig 182) 7 No-shock outlets can be installed to prevent children (who frequently insist on jabbing hairpins or anything metallic into receptacles) from receiving shocks 8 As already mentioned, safety-type grounded outlets can be added protection against shocks and help prevent the possibility of electrocution in a bathroom A ground fault is a partial short circuit in an electrical device A person can be the electrical ground (electricity will travel from an outside source through the person and into the ground) when using an appliance or tool in a damp or wet area such as a bathroom, laundry room, basement, garage, or backyard The partial short circuit allows a small amount of electrical current to flow through the individual s body a condition that could be harmful or even fatal Regular household appliances work by drawing power from one side of a wall receptacle through one prong on the plug, and returning it through the other prong to the other side of the receptacle If the GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) detects extra current within the circuit, it will trip a little breaker within itself and interrupt the current GFCIs belong wherever household members are likely to
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