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Electric Thermal Storage Units
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An electric thermal heating system can be an excellent solution for new homes, can meet the requirements of hard-to-heat rooms, and can easily be added at a later date for additions to home living spaces or basements These units employ electricity to create heat and store it in ceramic bricks, crushed rock, or water for later use (Fig 2011) If the homeowner s electric utility company offers lower rates for consuming electricity during off-peak hours, this type of heating system can have considerable cost advantages Electric thermal heating systems come in central heating systems and individual room systems Electric thermal heating units create enough heat to warm the home immediately at night and heat their storage mediums (ceramic bricks, crushed rock, or water) during off-peak hours when electrical demand is least (and less costly), typically late at night Then during peak electrical usage times, typically during the day and early evening, the heating elements are automatically turned off or down while the stored heat is released to warm the household It s a great way to use electricity late at night when it s less expensive, convert the energy into heat, and store the heat for later use
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F I G U R E 2 0 11
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Electric thermal heating system
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Various types of electric thermal storage heat delivery systems are available:
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Forced-air systems Radiant baseboard hot water Radiant/convection room heaters
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Advantages 1 Units operate fairly quiet 2 Units are dependable, the heating elements have no moving parts, which means long life 3 Units are located indoors out of the weather
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3 No fuel delivery problems 4 The units operate cleanly; no ashes, smoke, or soot is created The walls, furniture, and draperies stay clean longer 5 If the electric utility offers low off-peak hour rates, they can make efficient use of electricity 6 Units are safe no flames, no combustible gases, no storage of flammable fuels, no flue 7 No worry about the future availability of heating fuels Disadvantages 1 If individual room units are used, their placement in rooms will take up wall space 2 These units are designed for heating only, cooling would involve separate equipment Electric Thermal Storage Units Considerations
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An option that exists in some units, when stored radiant heat
isn t enough to keep the room temperature at the desired thermostat setting, a quiet fan will circulate air through the core of heated bricks or stone and warm the spaces by convection
Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Radiant floor heating can provide a cost-effective, quiet, gentle heat, with delivery by warm-water piping or electric wiring floor panels or mats If you re serious about investigating radiant floor heating possibilities, consider meeting with contractors experienced in their installation There are numerous flooring situations for which this type of heating will work, but the components must be customized and installed to suit the type of floor planned For instance, hydronic (liquid) hot-water piping systems use small-diameter piping laid within the floor in wet installations where the tubing is embedded in a concrete foundation slab, or over a previously poured slab, or even within a relatively thin thickness of concrete that s been poured over the top of a subfloor Ceramic tile has typically been the floor of choice for radiant heating, but that has been changing lately, as radiant floor
heating options expand Dry installations still involve tubing, but the tubing is either suspended beneath the subfloor or is laid between two subfloor layers, or is actually built into a sandwich-style subfloor This form of home heating has recently seen considerable innovation, so do a last-minute check on what s available before making a decision In any case, the piping or tubing holds hot or warm water heated by a gas, oil, or similarly-fired boiler and/or a circulation pump (or geothermal heat pump) that circulates the water to heat the flooring A manifold of valves controls the water distribution, and a thermostat controls the temperature some control the temperature of water in a boiler, while others may control the room temperature Another alternative for smaller homes or homes in locales with low heating demands, is simply using a standard water heater/tank to supply the radiant floor heating Water piping systems may cost a bit more to install, but they re very efficient Carpet, tile, vinyl, engineered wood flooring types can all be positioned over the hot-water piping that s typically installed in a masonry floor by a plumber or HVAC contractor Electric panel elements provide another option for radiant floor heating They re relatively inexpensive to install, but may cost more to operate, especially if reduced off-peak energy rates are not available from the local electric utility company Advantages 1 It s quiet, even, comfortable heat 2 It s clean, there s no dust generation 3 Radiant heat does not dry out the air, there are no drafts, and less outside-air infiltration 4 It s invisible, blending nicely into the home s structure, with no bulky ductwork or registers 5 It s a safe heat, with no or very few moving parts 6 It s energy efficient 7 It warms from the floor up, and feels great on the feet Disadvantages 1 Maintenance on the piping or electrical panels could be costly
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