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Empathize with the Builder
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He has his problems: people not showing up for work, the weather, suppliers running out of materials or sending the wrong things, subcontractors making mistakes that the builder takes the blame for Try to see things from his point of view, too
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Keep a Friendly Eye on the Work
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Don t do it in a hypercritical way While on the site, jot down questions or concerns for later discussion with the builder The construction of a house is an interesting process, and you should watch a good
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deal of it simply to understand how it s put together in case you ever want to modify any part of it or effect major repairs If you know what went into the house, no one can buffalo you later on as to what s there, and where Your main reason for keeping tabs on the construction shouldn t be as watchdog although you can t help appearing a little like one but as a student, because you ve already guaranteed yourself a good builder and good workmanship by virtue of your initial contractor selection
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Be Friendly and Tactful, Yet Firm
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You want to foster an amiable relationship so you wouldn t be afraid to use the same contractor to build another house, should you ever want one To that effect, you should treat him with the same courtesy you d treat a good friend or relative However, do remember that you re picking up the tab; you re paying for everything the supplies, the labor, the contractor s overhead, and a fair profit all come out of your pocket Be friendly and tactful, yet firm, and the contractor will respect you for it These pointers should help you develop a solid working relationship with your builder But remember, your builder has seen a lot of customers, a lot of problems, and a lot of crazy situations while in the business As a group, builders know customer psychology, having seen many more customers than you ve seen builders Many contractors who probably follow a list of their own pointers (ie, listen to whatever the customer says, then build it your own way) are experts at convincing you to see things their way An example of this occurred when one particularly taciturn builder, a man of few words yet a master at his craft, was called upon by an owner who was considering knocking out a bedroom wall to expand the sleeping space into an adjacent living room The builder knew from past dealings with the owners that the husband would be continuously wondering if such a modification would be the right thing to do After listening to what the couple wanted done, and agreeing it was a smart move to make, the builder slowly got up and sidled over to the plaster wall in question He leaned against the wall near a framed oil painting and asked the seated owners if they were sure they wanted
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the job done The owner looked at his wife and uttered a tenuous yes Then the builder, in fluid motion, lifted his steel claw hammer from his belt and smashed a hole in the wall the size of his fist, right then and there, in front of the startled owners After the shock wore off, the owners realized why he had done it The builder s action left little room for them to change their minds overnight, and also took some of the worry out of the very decision itself They had to do something to fix the hole
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1 Have a written agreement, contract, or blueprint for the expected work agreed upon by you and your contractor, before any actual work takes place 2 Read and understand all sections and items in the agreement before signing it 3 Make sure your contractor s insurance covers mistakes the contractor and his or her subcontractors might make 4 Obtain your own homeowners policy to cover accidental damages that could occur to the house at any stage of construction 5 Keep lines of communications with the contractor honest, open, and current 6 Don t expect or try to get extras or freebies from the contractor 7 Empathize with your builder Don t jump to conclusions if there are problems; get the whole story before making judgment calls Be reasonable Recognize problems that may not be within the contractor s control, and participate in a positive manner, with their resolution 8 Keep a friendly eye on the work; don t smother the contractor with your presence, and refrain from nagging 9 On the other hand, be friendly and tactful, yet firm Insist that you get what was agreed upon Nothing less 10 Once the home is completed, don t be a stranger If you re satisfied, let the builder know that you appreciate his efforts It pays to keep in touch
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