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4 Because the split-level house has so many different levels, it can be tough to build This runs up the cost per square foot, especially if substantial bulldozing of the lot is needed for the foundation and landscaping, or if retaining walls must be constructed 5 Another drawback to split-levels is that they re often difficult to expand due to limitations of the lot and also because tampering with the original plan can easily harm the dwelling s appearance Too many jogs and angles in the rooflines or exterior walls make them look cluttered and unplanned, as if put together piecemeal 6 The split-level is a poor choice for individuals who prefer large basements for woodworking shops or want surplus storage space and footage to eventually turn into a basement recreation room 7 With the two sections of the side-to-side split-level framed under two distinct rooflines, the builder must skillfully integrate the two sections in an artistic manner to avoid the appearance of two separate houses joined together to make a single dwelling
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In this discussion, alternate housing refers to homes that are constructed differently from typical modern dwellings found in standard subdivisions across the country Some dwellings, though, due to local building materials and climates, can be considered alternate in one location, but not in another (an adobe home in Michigan, for example, would be neither normal nor serviceable) Special care is needed when planning alternate housing: 1 Allow plenty of time for the construction Special materials must be obtained Financing and building permits must be secured from institutions that may not be familiar with different methods of construction 2 A builder experienced in the kind of construction techniques needed for you might be difficult to find 3 You ll need good, complete budget estimates
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4 Site selection is usually crucial to the overall success of the completed home Little things can mean a lot Water tables, prevailing winds, orientation, and topography are all very important
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Steel-Framed Construction
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Although steel-framed construction is not really a type of housing, the use of steel instead of wood framing members varies far enough from traditional construction methods to be mentioned here Indeed, to some individuals, steel-framed dwellings sound just as alternative as the term underground housing To others, they re a logical extension of modern architecture After all, steel framing has been employed successfully with industrial and commercial buildings for decades Advantages 1 Steel is strong and relatively light for its weight Steel studs and other framing components with outer dimensions equal to wood members are considerably lower in bulk and greater in strength Steel members provide increased protection against high winds, hailstorms, heavy snows, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather extremes Due to steel s positive methods of attachment to the foundation, it s less likely that the home will separate from the foundation during an earthquake, hurricane, or other cataclysmic event Because of steel s high strength-to-weight ratio, and depending on the design, studs can be placed farther apart instead of using standard 16-inch wood stud centers (Fig 214) This permits greater lengths of uninterrupted wall insulation, with fewer thermal breaks in between Other advantages to steel s high strengthto-weight ratio include successful home design and construction on soils that have poor bearing capacities, without using expensive oversize footings 2 Steel framing allows for more flexible design with larger open spaces, including longer floor spans and higher walls Light steelframed walls can be used with dwellings of almost any shape 3 Uniform manufacturing tolerances maintain a consistent, dimensionally correct steel product That translates to level floors, flat
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F I G U R E 2 1 4
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Twenty-four-inch steel stud centers
walls, and straight rooflines Wood members are more likely to contain natural imperfections such as knots or weak spots Cheaper wood studs may arrive at the building site twisted and can continue to warp even after being nailed in place Unstable lumber can add to building costs and create unsightly drywall stress cracks and nail pop outs that are frustrating to repair Steel is available in cut-to-length pieces to reduce in-field cutting and minimize waste 4 Steel won t rot, splinter, crack, or readily warp, buckle, or twist It s not as affected by moisture Other building products, including paper, gypsum, and wood components, are affected by humidity, groundwater, and additional sources of moisture 5 Steel framing members can be ordered to exact lengths and specifications, plus they re on the market in a wide variety of precut standard shapes and sizes Custom shapes are also available No high premiums must be paid for extra-long steel framing members, as must be paid for wood, because steel is, of course, manufactured to length, while not all logs can be sawn into extra-long boards and beams 6 Steel resists termites and other wood-destroying insects that can cause wood roofs to sag, floors to slope, and main beams and posts to crumble 7 Steel is not combustible Although it can be ruined in a hot fire, it will not burn like wood and does not help fuel a home fire That can result in lower fire insurance premiums for some policy holders 8 Screw-attached metal framing members eliminate squeaks and nail pops, which frequently occur with wood Screws and bolts won t loosen or pull out under stress like nails can Steel framing can be manufactured with openings and punch-outs spaced at regular intervals, allowing utility components such as electrical and plumbing lines to be roughed-in easily, instead of drilling holes through wooden framing members Grommets or conduits can protect the wiring from sharp edges of the punch-outs (Fig 215) 9 Steel framing provides square walls and doors that aren t affected by moisture and don t stick Such strongly built houses are also much less likely to settle over the years
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