print barcode in crystal report Choosing What to Read in Software

Paint EAN13 in Software Choosing What to Read

Choosing What to Read
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When you read an article, your newsreader marks it as read, so that you can tell which articles you have and haven t read If you decide after a quick scan of the subject lines that all the new articles in a newsgroup look boring, most newsreaders let you mark all the messages in a newsgroup as read You may also be able to sort the messages by topic or sender and mark groups of messages as read Many newsgroups include periodic postings, which are articles that are automatically posted on a regular basis Be sure to read these messages the first time that they go by: they usually contain the newsgroup s FAQ, newsgroup rules, or other useful information If you are looking for the FAQ for a newsgroup and you don t see it in the list of articles, try the Usenet FAQ Archive web site, at wwwfaqsorg/faqs (Click the Click To Pay button to donate $5 if you find the site useful)
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Usenet Newsgroup Concepts
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Messages in threads Original message
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Figure 11-1
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Newsgroup articles organized by thread
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Most newsreaders present newsgroup articles in threads A thread is an article, followed by all the replies to that article, replies to the replies, and so forth These threaded newsreaders present the articles in each thread in an indented list, with the replies to each article shown indented below the message to which they reply You can choose which threads you want to read, mark entire threads to skip, and perform other commands on threads, all of which make zeroing in on interesting topics easier Some newsreaders let you create kill files, which are files stored on your own system that specify which types of articles you never want to read and which types you always want to read You can have one global kill file, which applies to all newsgroups, and other kill files that apply only to specific newsgroups Using kill files, you can kill (automatically mark as read, so that you never see them) articles from a particular person, or you might want to kill specific topics in specific newsgroups For example, you might want to blank all messages from nettcr2@guruscom in all newsgroups (if this book annoys you) If you like to knit and you read the reccraftstextilesyarn
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Internet: The Complete Reference
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newsgroup, you could block all articles in that newsgroup that are about crocheting You could kill a person s posts in one newsgroup but not in another if the person sends reasonable material to some newsgroups and junk to others For instructions on using kill files, see the section on filtering messages for your newsreading program in 12
Choosing What to Post
When you are reading the articles in a newsgroup, you may find that you have something to say Or you may start a discussion on a new topic Either way, you can post a message to one or several newsgroups
Starting a New Thread
To start a new topic and begin a new thread, just post a message to the newsgroup by using your newsreader If other newsgroups would be interested, too, you can crosspost the article to other newsgroups, but do so with caution: cross-posting to lots of newsgroups is considered spamming, and some newsgroups refuse articles that are cross-posted to many groups Cross-post only if one or two other newsgroups would have a specific interest in your topic When you cross-post, your newsreader program may enable you to designate one newsgroup to receive follow-ups (postings in reply), so that the ongoing discussion happens in only one newsgroup
Replying by E-mail and Posting Follow-ups
When you compose a reply, think about who will be interested in reading it If your remarks will be of interest only to the author of the message to which you are replying, send the reply by e-mail Most newsreaders let you compose an e-mail reply easily Don t waste everyone else s time, especially if your reply basically states Me too! or I agree! On the other hand, if you are answering a question of general interest or have something good to contribute to the discussion, go ahead and post a follow-up article to the newsgroup Quote the message to which you are replying, editing out all but the relevant material After you send it, the article may take a few hours to appear on the newsgroup Don t panic, and wait at least a day before reposting the message because your article is probably just slow to arrive If the newsgroup to which you posted is moderated, the moderator may delay things (Even newsgroup moderators take an occasional vacation!)
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