Defining a style in GoLive in Software

Encoding UPC - 13 in Software Defining a style in GoLive

Defining a style in GoLive
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Advanced Web Page Options
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Positioning Objects on Web Pages
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One valuable aspect of styles is that not only can you, from one central location, set such properties as font, color, and size for any set of objects on the page, but you can set any individual object s position, too You use the position property, which wasn t in the original CSS standard (CSS1), but was added in the next version (CSS2) With the aid of JavaScript or some other scripting language, you can also make that position vary in time, which animates the object (See 28 for how JavaScript works) Not all browsers support CSS2, so be sure to test your web pages in various browsers if you use the position property To position something on a web page, you set the position property to absolute in a style declaration and specify the position for the object in inches (in) or centimeters (cm) from the edges of the web page For example, this style declaration positions an object absolutely:
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#textA { position: absolute; left: 4in; top: 2in; width: 3in; height: 3in }
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This style declaration can go either within the <STYLE> element in a web page, or in an external style sheet You usually use ID styles for absolute positioning because only one item will be at that position on each web page When you use the position:absolute property, the left, top, width, and height properties define the position and size of a rectangular area in which the text (or other object) appears Once you define an ID style using absolute positioning, you can use it in your web pages For instance, here is the HTML code for a paragraph that is formatted with the textA ID:
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<SPAN ID="textA">This text is 4 inches from the left, and 2 inches down</SPAN>
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You can even animate objects on your web page by using JavaScript, ECMAScript, or another page scripting language (as described in 28) In the position:absolute style declaration, you use a variable than the script can set to change the position of the object Different browsers handle web page objects differently Most notably, Microsoft s Internet Explorer differs from Netscape Navigator These distinctions should disappear now that a standard Document Object Model has been recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and ECMAScript has emerged as a standard JavaScript-like language Until those standards are commonly supported, however, your script must be able to cope with distinctions by checking which type of browser is displaying the text and defining the positions accordingly
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barcode macro excel
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Internet: The Complete Reference
Adding Advanced Features to Your Web Site Without Programming
Originally, you needed to be a programmer to add advanced features like calendars, chat rooms, news tickers, and message boards to your web pages However, many services can now provide these features all you have to do is copy a few lines of code into your web pages Some services are free and others cost money These services include I Calendars Not only can you add a calendar to your site for the current and future months, but you and your web site visitors can also add events to the calendar Some calendar services even allow you to download the events and synchronize them with your Outlook or Palm calendar I Chat rooms If you d like your web site visitors to be able to talk to other visitors who are currently at the site, you can include a chat room on one of your web pages 15 describes what web-based chat rooms are like I Guestbooks If you d like visitors to your web site to be able to leave notes for you like a guestbook in a hotel these services can add this feature I Hit counters To track how many people have visited your site, you can add a free hit counter to your home page I Message boards Web-based discussion boards are described in 15 and allow visitors to the web site to leave messages that others can read You can include message boards on your site for free, if you don t mind ads appearing as part of the web page Some message boards are simple the coding projects of a few hackers whereas others are provided by full-fledged businesses that serve message board technology to larger sites I News tickers News headline services are readily available on a variety of topics and in an array of protocols (HTML, RDF, XML, and so on) However, some require programming to add to your site These services all use programming languages (see 28 for what languages and how they work) most of these services provide you with pre-programmed Java applets Fortunately, you don t need to know how to program to add the services described in this section Instead, you copy the Java applets (or other code) into your web pages that call on programs provided by other web sites Some of these features are integrated directly into your site, which, in turn, will require you to add at least some code Others provide customizable services that are hosted on the provider s site but offer links back to your own In this section we look at a handful of providers that give you some very cool features for your site with little work required
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