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What Is Buy-in
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Buy-in is not approval A manager or colleague can approve an action without having any skin in the game In fact, in some highly political situations, you will find leaders who will approve of a tactic or program, even though they completely expect it to fail Sometimes the failure of a program will help them achieve some other long-term strategic goal, often at the expense of the current security team Buy-in is more than just approval, it is both agreement that you are doing the right thing and an investment in the success of that action or strategy Buy-in is most likely to be achieved when other leaders in your organization trust you to use institutional or corporate resources in a responsible manner that supports the goals and mission of the organization Buy-in matters for a number of important reasons Even during positive economic times, financial resources within an organization are limited These resources inevitably are divided up among competing priorities As financial times become more challenging, as they are now, this competition heats up even more If you happen to be a leader who has demonstrated appropriate use of organizational resources in the past, the chances of your securing those resources in a competitive environment are greater If you can convince a critical mass of your colleagues to support your initiative, you are effectively gaining their buy-in when they publically support your project, especially if by supporting you they are reducing the funds available for their own projects and initiatives This sets up a feedback loop in which successful competitors for resources have a leg up the next time a competition comes around, allowing them an opportunity to garner more resources This cycle lasts only if you have the continued support of your colleagues and senior management Getting buy-in prior to making changes that require significant financial or political support from your organization makes continued support possible Part of maintaining buy-in and support is letting your stakeholders know when there is a problem This allows them to be in the know, rather than learning of the problem in a surprise hallway conversation with the CIO that puts them in an awkward political position By making key people aware of a problem as soon as you become aware of it, they have an opportunity to advocate on your behalf in those hallway conversations Building these relationships over time, developing trust, and aligning your goals in support of both the mission of the institution and the goals of other senior leaders and key players helps you make the case to continue your program during tough economic times If key decision-makers aren t convinced of the value your program is bringing to the organization because you haven t developed these relationships, you may be doing your organization a disservice When the senior leadership of your organization is faced with tough economic choices, they won t be well informed enough about the security needs of the organization to make decisions that are grounded in a foundation of fact
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Case Study 4:
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Getting Management Buy-in for the Security Metrics Program
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Corporations vs Higher Ed: Who s Crazier
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Higher education is the big leagues of organizational politics The wide variety of funding, missions, politics, and regulations leads to a plethora of different stakeholders that you need to consider when undertaking a measurement project in the university environment Any one of these stakeholders can bring your project to a halt, even if your project has little to do with their operation The political reality of this environment forces you either to complete projects before anyone notices the project is underway or manage the risks by getting buy-in up front Corporations have a significant advantage over higher education: a shared goal Each employee of a corporation can point back to profit as a significant driving factor Higher education can t even conduct an ROI calculation! The investment can be measured, but what would the return be Enrolling more students Improving the ranking of the school Hiring more hotshot professors These goals can be at odds with one another, and there is no accepted quantitative way to measure return The culture supports individual contributions and contributors, granting individuals the opportunity to command significant resources, even if by doing so they damage the overall health of the organization This hyper-politicization of higher education is what makes this case study so valuable You may not need to address all the findings from this study in your project or program, but your chances of being blindsided by a political football are reduced by being aware of them
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