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1 The Electric System
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Electrical Drawing Symbols Pictorial Representation of an Electric System Units of Measurement Metric equivalents Temperature De nitions Formulas and Calculations Direct-current circuits Series-resistive circuit Parallel-resistive circuit Alternating-current circuits Power factor correction Electrical Apparatus Motors Alternating-current generator Transformer (single-phase) Summary of Electrical Formulas Current Voltage Resistance Power loss Impedance Power Volt-amperes Power factor Motor
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2 Line Conductors
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Types De nitions Wire Sizes Sagging Conductors
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3 Cable, Splices, and Terminations
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15-kV Underground Distribution Cable Layers Other Examples of Cable Layering Oil- lled cable Transmission cable Self-contained transmission cable Conductor Metal Types Conductor Composition Conductor Shapes Insulation Compounds Insulation Thickness Sample Cable Speci cations 15-kV XLP insulated 4/0-AWG aluminum cable with jacketed concentric neutral Production tests Insulation tests Dimensional veri cation Electrical stress distribution Terminations (electrical stress minimization) Live-front applications Dead-front applications Dead-front load-break elbow termination detail In-line cable splices Cold shrink splices Temperature Correction Tables Temperature Correction Formula Adjustment for other temperatures Sample calculation
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4 Distribution Voltage Transformers
Distribution Voltage Transformer De nition Alternating-Current Electric Voltage Step-Down Transformer Transformer Components Transformer Formulas Transformer turns ratio formula Primary to secondary voltage and current relationship Distribution Transformer Ratings Distribution Transformer Speci cations Overhead conventional distribution transformer Overhead Completely Self-Protected (CSP) Distribution Transformer Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer Transformer Polarity Polarity tests for overhead distribution transformers Distribution transformer connections
79 79 79 80 80 81 81 82 82 84 86 88 90 90 91
5 Wood-Pole Structures
Wood-Pole Types Wood-Pole Preservatives Wood-Pole Classi cations, Dimensions, and Weights Pole Hole Depths Wood-Pole Construction Standards Examples
99 99 99 103 104
6 Guying
De nitions Conductor Breaking Strengths Guy Size Determination Computing the load on the guy Computing the guy angle factor
115 116 121 123 124
7 Lightning and Surge Protection
De nitions Classes of Surge Arresters Valve Block Types of Surge Arresters Surge Arrester Selection Criteria Insulation protective margin equation
127 128 128 132 132
8 Fuses
De nitions Fuse Links Standard Fuse Link Ratings Distribution Cutouts Enclosed cutouts Open distribution cutouts Open-link primary cutout Fuse operation diagram Time-Current Characteristic Curves Protective Fuse to Fuse Overcurrent Coordination Transformer Fusing Schedules Fuse to Fuse Overcurrent Coordination
141 141 141 141 144 144 145 145 146 146 146 148
9 Inspection Checklists for Substations, Transmission Lines, and Distribution Lines
Substation Inspection Transmission-Line Inspection Initial inspection Aerial inspections Walking inspections Distribution-Line Inspection Checklist Distribution-Line Equipment Maintenance Capacitor maintenance Recloser maintenance Pole-mounted switch maintenance
157 158 158 159 159 159 160 160 161 161
Underground distribution circuit maintenance Riser pole maintenance Switchgear maintenance Distribution transformer maintenance Underground cable maintenance Street light maintenance Voltage regulator maintenance Maintenance of Equipment Common to Transmission and Distribution Lines Pole maintenance Insulator maintenance Conductor maintenance
161 162 162 162 162 163 164 164 164 166 166
10 Tree Trimming
Industry Standards De nitions Trimming Branches and Limbs Lowering Large Limbs Vehicular Equipment Tools Trimming Tables
169 169 171 172 172 173 174
11 Rope, Knots, Splices, and Gear 12 Grounding
Codes De nitions Ground Rods Transmission-Line Grounds Grounding Coils and Grounding Plates Counterpoise Distribution-Circuit Grounds Installing Driven Grounds Ground-Wire Molding
179 205
205 205 205 208 210 214 216 217 220
13 Protective Grounds
Reference Standard Protective Ground Installation Protective Ground Requirements Sources of Ground Underground-System Protective Grounds
223 226 228 228 230
14 Safety Equipment and Rescue
United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety Rules National Electrical Safety Code National Electrical Code
237 237 237
De-energized Work Hot-Line Work Protective Equipment Rubber gloves Rubber sleeves Rubber insulating line hose Rubber insulating insulator hoods Conductor covers Insulator covers Crossarm covers Pole covers Rubber insulating blankets Safety hat Resuscitation First-aid equipment What to do in an emergency Effects of electric shock on the human body Rescue Freeing the victim Arti cial respiration methods Applying arti cial respiration The need for speed Use protective barriers Assess your victim Check for pulse Mouth-to-nose rescue breathing If a pulse is present, but the person is not breathing, begin rescue breathing Airway obstruction: conscious adult Conscious adult choking victim who becomes unconscious How to do a nger sweep What to do when the object is cleared If you are alone and choking What to do if your victim is pregnant or large Heart-lung resuscitation: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Why do I do that and why did they change Pole-Top and Bucket-Truck Rescue Basic steps in pole-top rescue Personnel tools and rubber gloves (rubber sleeves, if required) Determine the injured s condition Rescuer Tying the injured Important Lowering the injured One-man rescue versus two-men rescue Bucket-truck rescue Important
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