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Two-Column Notes
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Two-column notes are a useful way to organize and study what you have read Divide a piece of paper into two columns In the left column, write down main ideas They can be written as a word, phrase, or question In the right column, write down supporting details Use short phrases rather than sentences For example, a main idea could be types of monitors, and the details could be: 1) CRT (cathode ray tubes) are less expensive Take lots of power and space 2) Flat screens use LCD (liquid crystal display) Images may not be as clear as CRT
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Maintaining a Web Site
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Focus on Reading
Read to Find Out
This section focuses on Web server maintenance Read to find out how to back up critical system data
Main Ideas
A Webmaster s primary responsibility is Web server maintenance Maintenance includes diagnosing and repairing a server s hardware and software, and backing up critical system data
Key Terms
hot-swappable hard drives hard drive mirroring backup incremental backup
Reading Strategy
Identify three important tasks required to maintain a Web server Use a table like the one below (also available online)
Maintenance Task Purpose of Task
Web server maintenance involves several kinds of tasks Webmasters must monitor both the Web server s hardware and its software to make sure that they are working correctly In addition, Webmasters must back up Web server data to preserve the data in case of a malfunction
Activity 151 Explore Web Server Maintenance Find out more about maintaining a Web server by visiting WebDesignDWglencoecom
Maintaining a Web Server
How does a Webmaster monitor a server s hardware and software
The Webmaster is responsible for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the company s Web servers Although some Webmasters develop and publish Web sites, most primarily focus on making sure the servers can properly upload, download, store, and back up Web site files
Uploading and Downloading Capabilities
A Web server s primary function is to upload and download Web site files The server s ability to do this depends on two basic components
Communication Hardware The first component is the communication lines and equipment that allow the server to talk to the outside world This equipment includes hardware such as network adapters, routers, load balancers, and firewalls The Webmaster must diagnose and repair this hardware should it fail However, individual Webmasters or businesses have little or no control over other types of communication failures Large telecommunications companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, BellSouth, SBC, and Sprint, own and operate most transmission lines (see Figure 151 on page 425) If these channels fail, the Web site host will not be able to fix the problem For this reason, some Web hosts lease high-speed data lines from two or more telecommunications vendors so that they can still service customers if one network goes down
424 15 WebDesignDWglencoecom
Telecommunications companies customize services for businesses and individuals What type of customer would be most likely to use high-speed data lines
Communication Software The second component that determines a server s ability to upload and download files is the protocol software that controls the flow of data across the communication lines The HTTP and FTP software that a Web server uses to transfer data may crash or malfunction as the result of a program bug or a power failure The Webmaster must quickly address any software glitch that causes the server to stop responding to requests In some cases, the Webmaster can stop and restart the offending server without affecting other programs However, sometimes the Webmaster may have to reboot the entire server to recover from such an error
Storage Capabilities
Web hosting services that allow their users to upload files must prepare for the possibility that their storage space will fill up Once this happens, the Web server itself may crash because the operating system can no longer create files To prevent problems, a Webmaster must delete unused or outdated files when possible, or upgrade the server s storage capacity before problems occur Webmasters use different techniques for maintaining a Web server s storage devices Some Web servers use a system of between two and six hot-swappable hard drives to store information Each drive has a small indicator that glows green when the drive is operating correctly and red when it fails If a failure occurs, the Webmaster can easily remove the damaged drive from the server and replace it without having to turn off the server Some Web servers use a technique called hard drive mirroring to maintain storage With this option, data written to a primary drive are automatically written onto one or more secondary drives in a parallel operation If the primary drive fails, a secondary drive takes over This switch occurs automatically, without requiring any manual intervention, so the Web server remains fully functional
You Should Know Web servers use ports to connect to the Internet The Web server that connects to the World Wide Web is typically port 80 and the FTP server is typically port 21 Clients connect to services at a specific IP address and port
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