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Oracle BI Publisher offers a highly scalable reporting server that generates and delivers reports from multiple data sources, in multiple document formats, via multiple delivery channels Oracle BI Publisher reduces the high costs associated with the development, customization, and maintenance of business documents while increasing the efficiency of reports management Furthermore, it reduces a company s dependency on third-party software systems that are required to format business documents Utilizing a set of familiar desktop tools such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office, users can create and maintain their own report formats based on data extracts supplied by a multitude of sources Oracle Publisher provides developers with precision control over report format, layout, and output enabling
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference
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the creation and distribution of pixel-perfect reports, regardless of graphical complexity Oracle BI Publisher is fully integrated with the other components of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE and shares common metadata, security, calculation, caching, and intelligent request-generation services
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Using Oracle BI Publisher
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Business users can quickly and easily use Oracle BI Publisher to create a report definition; define the data format for the report; schedule a reporting job to execute the report; specify the output and delivery channel for the report; and publish the report to an online document repository Defining a report A business user creates a report definition using a pure web rich-client development environment From this web client, the user can connect to multiple data sources including the Oracle BI Server and define the data he or she would like to see published as a report Defining the layout template Once the user has defined the data for the report, he or she defines a layout template for the report Users can define the layout template using a variety of commonly available tools Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Excel Within these tools, Oracle BI Publisher provides an easy-to-use report builder wizard to define the report template and a desktop template viewer and debugger Report delivery format and channels The user then goes to a pure web administrative console and defines a variety of facilities users and roles authorized to access the report; define new roles and assign reports to these roles; and delivery channels for the reports The user can specify multiple document formats and delivery channels for the same report Report scheduling Having defined the report template, the user can then specify whether the report should be run immediately or run on a scheduled basis The user can also look at existing reports and their history, and manage report jobs that are running
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Features of Oracle BI Publisher
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Oracle BI Publisher offers the following features: Performance and scalability Oracle BI Publisher has a highly efficient J2EE-based data extraction, formatting, and runtime engine It can be deployed to any J2EE 13 compliant Application Server and exploits the scalability, concurrency, and availability facilities of the Application Server to provide highly efficient report generation
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5: Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
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Multiple data sources Oracle BI Publisher allows data from multiple structured data sources Oracle BI Server, Oracle Databases (8i, 9i, 10GR1, 10GR2), IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, and Sybase databases and from unstructured data sources files, XML, Web Services, URLs to be embedded in the same report Oracle BI Publisher uses optimized connection-pooling mechanisms when accessing data from these data sources Multiple document formats Oracle BI Publisher separates the definition of the data to be aggregated into a report from the format in which the report is to be published A single report can therefore be simultaneously published in multiple document formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, RTF, PDF, XML, EDI, and others Multiple delivery options Oracle BI Publisher provides a variety of delivery options for generated reports Reports can be published to online folders via WebDAV; they can be automatically attached to e-mail for distribution; they can be send to enterprise print servers; they can be placed on a file server from which they can be transmitted by FTP Batch processing and report bursting Oracle BI Publisher is integrated with the Oracle BI Server s Job Scheduling facilities and can also be integrated with external Job Scheduling systems to drive batch reporting It provides an easy-to-use administrative interface to define reporting jobs, to schedule them, to manage jobs, and to track their status, including taking corrective action if they have failed Oracle BI Publisher also supports advanced report bursting High-volume printing Oracle BI Publisher provides advanced integration with enterprise printing servers and enterprise printers (that support IPP and LCUP protocols) including queue management, capacity-based distribution, failover, and recovery Content management and search Reports generated by Oracle BI Publisher can be stored and managed in online folders The online folders are themselves secured by role-based security Documents within these folders can be searched using the powerful search facilities of Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Open standards Finally, Oracle BI Publisher is based on open standards Java, J2EE, XML, XSL-T, FO, RTF, PDF allowing users to adopt it easily alongside their existing information technology investments and Business Intelligence tools
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