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a living There are different factors that go into the various types of policies, all of which we discuss Long-term care insurance covers the costs associated with nursing homes, in-home care, and other forms of long-term care Both supplementing an income and paying for long-term care are vitally important aspects to the financial planning process By planning ahead for each of these events, you cover yourself and help keep on track for your financial goals Think about it If you have this goal of accumulating wealth and work very hard to reach this goal, would you want something to happen to derail your plans One of the reasons we include this type of protection planning is to supplement the investment process As a financial planner, I hate to see when someone has worked very hard to accumulate money, only to see all that hard work wiped out by an accident or the need for long-term care Both of these can be extremely expensive, even in the short-term Of course, I ve heard every excuse in the book for not wanting to purchase either disability or long-term care insurance But I ve also seen what s happened when the person who needed it didn t have it So, we touch on some these excuses and the reasons why they are just excuses, not actual reasons
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Both disability and long-term care insurance have elimination, or waiting, periods These are periods of time that must elapse before any type of benefit is paid These can range between the different types of policies and insurance companies offering them; however, normal elimination periods are either 30 or 90 days Some types of plans allow you to choose how long you want your elimination period to be The longer the waiting time, the lower the premium usually is Another important aspect to elimination periods is that, typically, once you have satisfied it once, you won t have to do it again Therefore, if you become disabled and have a 30-day elimination period before your coverage begins to pay benefits, you will only have to wait that one 30-day period If you were to go back to work after a few months and then became disabled again, your benefits would begin immediately, and you wouldn t have to wait for those 30 days
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The Health Insurance Association of America has made some startling discoveries about the need for disability insurance in this country They estimate that a 35-year-old worker has a 12-percent chance of becoming disabled for a three-month period By the time a worker reaches the age of 55, this chance has increased more than five times, to a 70-percent chance! Interestingly enough, these odds are the same as the odds for death However, most people have life insurance, but no disability insurance Why take the chance that you could perhaps become disabled and not have any protection to help you financially get through that time The best way to protect yourself against the adverse effects of being unable to work due to a disability is to purchase disability insurance (DI) This form of insurance will provide income to you and your family on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, as long as the injury or illness is covered by the insurance There are a few forms of DI that workers can obtain; here we cover the three main types The first comes from the government in the form of Social Security disability benefits The second is from a worker s employer, and the third is DI purchased by the worker The need for some sort of DI is great, but, it is often overlooked People are too concerned with insuring their lives, the lives of their children, and preparing for other types of life changes, such as a college education or retirement Unfortunately, for most people, any missed time at work would be financially devastating While you are off work and are using whatever savings you have, you could wind up wiping out most, if not all, of the savings you have accumulated for yourself Many times, workers do receive some type of DI as part of their benefits from their employer, but that may not be enough What Is a Disability Disability policies will all have a specific definition for what is considered a disability Some policies will have a very broad interpretation of the word, while others will adhere to a rather strict definition The most liberal definition is known as the own occupation rule It
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says that you are considered disabled if you cannot perform at least one primary duty of your own job Under this rule, a surgeon who has lost his or her motor skills and could no longer operate would receive full benefits even though he or she could still meet with patients and consult with other surgeons and doctors However, you can opt for a residual benefit feature, which would pay you partial benefits if you could only work for a lower salary or part-time Most policies use a stricter definition of disability, known as the any occupation interpretation Under the any occupation definition, a person is considered disabled if he or she is unable to perform any occupation for which that person is reasonably suited or trained for The basis for this is the individual s education, training, or work experience This type of policy is considerably less expensive because it gives the insurer the leeway of determining whether benefits should be paid Some types of individual policies include a presumptive clause, which allows the insurer to discard the any-occupation and ownoccupation rules This clause states that the insured is presumed to be totally disabled under certain conditions, such as loss of both hands or feet, loss of eyesight in both eyes, or loss of hearing in both ears Through this clause, the insured would receive full benefits even though they may choose to remain employed Social Security DI There are two main types of social security DI benefits: cash disability income benefits, and the freezing of a disabled worker s wage position in order to determine that person s future retirement or survivorship benefits A worker is considered eligible to receive benefits when he or she has a medically determined physical or mental impairment that is very severe The impairment must be so severe that the worker must be deemed unable to engage in any substantially gainful work or employment Any substantially gainful work amounts to what is termed an all occupations definition That is, you can t be able to do anything for pay Nothing Not only is that definition difficult to fulfill, the rules about it are very strict If you become disabled and have satisfied the unable-to-work provision, you must then wait 5 months before you can collect any
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