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The two 8-pin DallasSemiconductor clock ICs areinterchangeable, eachof them and goesinto the existingemptysocket to U6 The DS 1302is the successor the DS1202 The NJU6355alsogoesjnto socket with the U6, but it is not pin-for-pjncompatible pins DallasSemiconduclor chipsFortunately, too needs haveits crystalbetween il |o 2 and 3 and its other lines can sharethe connectionsto t]rc PIC 16F877A
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t5 16 17 1a t9 2A
39 3a 3T 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 2A 27 26 25 23 22 21
(To usinslc Dsl302 iheMcU, c ocklc this f!t1ta"l,!ii1,rclock implemenled
like a sel oJmemorvlocations)
you haveto installa Beforeyou canusethe NJU6355 DSI202or the DS 1302, the pins 2 and3 ofthc chip sockct This hasto be a 32768 kHz crystalrnd crystal bctwecn il is to bc inslallcdarjunpcr J5 nexr1() real timeclocklC sockct you do not have the If a crystalin place,theprogramwill showthe dateandotheritens on the LCD, bul thc clock rvill not moveforward lf you want to havebatterybackupfor the clock, you needto install a batteryat junrperJ4 (at the edgeof thc boardncxt 10U I0) Thc pins tbr thisjumper arealready lion 20 to 55 voltsso threeAA on thcboardwhcnyou receivei!The IC will accept powcrsourcc (Thcpowerdrawoby ccllsin scricscanproridc an incxpcnsivc backup this lC is 300 nano ampsa! 20 vollsTwoAA cclls may nol proridc cnoughvoltage bccause thevoltagsdrcpacrcss of thein line diode I ha!c rccommcndcd so thrcccells ) The DSl3o2 (in Socket u6l The DS1302is the successor the DSl202 Thc to po\\,er DSl302IC is verysimihrexceprforbackup capability seven aDd additionrl bytes pad memory for ofscratch Secthc datashcct morc spccificdetails
The emphasisin the pro$am we will develop is to seehow we get the drla to and from the real-time clock Setting the clock is going to be done in the program sta{up routine, and the time cannotbe modified oncethe program is running lfyou want that' you can add that to the program you write Whenyou want to sendor receivedatato ihe The DSl302 has31 RAM registers IC the data can be transfeded to and frcm the clock/RAM one byte at a dme or m a bu$t oiup to 31 bytes
12-BitA-to-DConverter TheLTC1298 (Also Usedin SocketU61
con al1d in For our puposes, makinghstruments confol lers,8 , 10', andl2_bitA_to-D usudly proSensors and as vertersar used interfacesbetweensensors microprocessors as inaluctance, capacilance someotherfactor is manipulated or in vide a change rcsislance, changes usually very small andneedto be amplified and digitized so they cdn are These be manipulatedin a digital environmentThe interiace that conve s thesesnall analog signals to useful {tigital information is the A{o-D conve(er Getting comfofiable with A-to-D conve(ers is an imponant pafi ol ma|ing instrumentsand controllers MicroEngineering Labs provide a programon their Web site that showshow to read 74 It's the l2-bit LTC1298 shownin Program Prosram to read lrom l2'bit LrCl298 A-to-D chip bv :9!{E$!!;g$ Labs microEnglneering
; PICBASIC PRO progran
to read LTC1298 ADC by nicroEngineering
; Detuae LOADER USED to a 1 1 o w u s e o f L h e b o o ! l o a d e r nomal pr:oqrm operallon not affect ; This witl DEFINE IOADER_USED 1 i denne LU plns DEFTNE ICD-DREG PORTD 4 DEFINE LCD_DBIT DEFINE I-CD_RSREG PORTE O DEFTNE LCD_RSBIE DEFINE ICD-EREG PORTE DEFINE t|cD EBIT 1 IIICI,UDE'!{ODEDEFS BA5" CS cK DI DO VAR vaR VAR Vlt PORTIs PoR![c3 PORTA2 PORTC !,
tHE ftci2ga
t2-BfT A-toD coltvERtEn |ltso usED tN socxEf u6t
lo from12-bit LTc1298 A-to-D chipby |!i9,9{iS!t:!!{l Program read microEngineering (Cort,ued) Labs
chip select inactive set PORTA, PORTE Lo digritaf LcD R/W Line lor (ld) wait for LcD to s!ar! skip subroutines subrourine to read a/d converLer chip select active send address / mode
SHIFTOUT DII CK' MSBFIRSTI T1\1' A'DDR\3' O\1] SHIFEIN DO, CK, MSBPRET [RESItLlr\l2l ; get 12-bi! result Cg - l, ; chip seLecl inaclive RETURN o 9e / dlre c-drel 0 GEII': iDDR = %00000101 ; sinerte ended, channel 0, MSBFhigh GOSUB GETAD
X = RESUIJT ; ; Le ' c fLate ' I I RETT'RII
A D D R= % 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 GOSUB GEEAD Y = REgUt l REIURN
; sinqle
ended, channel 1, MSBFhigh
!o ge! ; subroutine ; (differentiat) GEtZ: ADDR= %00000001 GOSI'B GEEAD Z - RISULI RETI'RII MAINI,OOP: GOSttB GETX GOSIIB GETY GOSttB GEIZ IiCDOIJT $FE 1, 'X-", \y=t, *y, \z=n, *z PAUSE 100 GOIO MAtllt OOP END ; diff
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