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brokerage commission by the brokerage platform itself These are by de nition no-load funds, so investors won t be assessed a load either Open price is the price a stock starts trading for at the start of a trading session Par value refers to the face value of a bond Since bonds are typically sold in $1,000 increments, it s likely that the par value of your individual bond is going to be $1,000 One exception might be with municipal bonds, where par might be set at $5,000 per bond Payout ratio is the percentage of pro ts returned to shareholders in the form of dividend income The higher the payout ratio, the more appealing a stock may be to an income- or value-oriented investor Preferred stock represents an ownership unit of a company that is slightly less risky than common stock Preferred stock holders typically receive bigger dividend payouts than common stock investors and are ahead of common stock investors in line to claim losses should the company le for bankruptcy Typically, preferred shares do not give investors voting rights for the management of the underlying company Price appreciation An increase in the underlying market value of a stock or other security Combined with dividend income or yield, price appreciation represents a major component of an investment s total returns Price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E, is the most widely used valuation measure for a stock P/E ratios gauge the priceyness of a stock, based on its current share price and the earnings generated by the underlying company A stock can have several di erent P/E ratios, based on how earnings are measured Trailing P/E, for example, is the P/E ratio of a stock based on its actual trailing 12-month earnings, and forward P/E is the ratio based on estimated forward 12-month earnings Sometimes a P/E ratio will be calculated based on calendar year earnings To calculate a company s price-to-earnings ratio: Current stock price / Earnings per share P/E ratio Prospectus The o cial document issued by a mutual fund letting shareholders know how the fund and fund company plan to operate Publicly traded company is one whose shares are not held exclusively by a single person or family, but rather, trade freely among members of the general public on an open exchange A company must rst go through an initial public o ering to achieve publicly traded status
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R-squared refers to a mathematical estimation of how much of an investment s behavior can be explained by the movements of a benchmark R-squared can be used by fund investors to gauge whether a portfolio is highly correlated to a market index, like the S&P 500, or if it diverges from that index Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is a publicly traded company whose purpose is to invest in real estate in some form or fashion Some REITs specialize in commercial properties, while others focus on residential real estate Because of its focus on real estate, REITs are often considered a separate asset than equities Because, by law, they must pass along to shareholders the vast majority of the income derived from their investments, they are popular vehicles for income-oriented investors However, REIT income is not considered quali ed dividend income, and therefore does not bene t from favorable tax treatment Rebalancing refers to the act of periodically resetting one s mix of stocks, bonds, and cash so market forces do not seriously upset a long-term strategic asset allocation plan Typically, investors will rebalance once a quarter or once a year Rebalancing is considered a strategy to reduce risk in a portfolio since it forces an investor to sell portions of an asset that have risen disproportionately in value and use those proceeds to purchase a competing asset that has not performed as well That way, an investor books pro ts periodically and ensures that he or she buys low and sells high Redeem Refers to the act of selling out of an investment in exchange for cash Return on equity, or ROE, is a measure of a company s earnings relative to its shareholder equity The higher the ROE, the more pro table a company is said to be ROE is considered a fair way to compare the pro tability of companies of varying sizes and industries The formula for return on equity is: Net income/Shareholder equity ROE Revenue bonds A type of municipal debt oated by an agency of a state or local government for a speci c project While revenue bond holders are typically paid from the receipts generated from these projects like highway or tunnel tolls there is no explicit promise that the state or municipality will bail out these bond issuers should the projects run into nancial di culties Reverse mortgage A type of loan providing homeowners, often senior citizens, with a stream of income that is backed by their homes Unlike a traditional mortgage, a reverse mortgage does not require you to pay back the loan, so long as you continue to live in the house against which the mortgage is applied Upon sale of the home or death, the reverse mortgage is paid o by the proceeds of the home s liquidation A reverse mortgage can be paid out in a
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