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the network Users can log in to the mail server from any host on the network and read, send, and save their mail Unlike POP, IMAP allows users to set up multiple folders on their mail server in which they can organize their mail IMAP also supports the use of shared folders to which several users can access mail on a given topic
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Dovecot is a combination IMAP and POP server Using its own indexing methods, Dovecot is able to handle a great deal of email traffic It features support for SSL, along with numerous authentication methods Password database support includes shadow passwords, LDAP, PAM, and MySQL The /etc/dovecotconf file is configured to use plain password authentication with PAM, using the passwd file Configuration options are placed in /etc/dovecotconf This file contains commented default settings with detail explanations for each Options specific to imap and pop3 are placed in their own sections These are some basic settings to configure: protocols This can be set to imap and pop, as well as imaps and pops for SSLencrypted connections listen These can be set to IPv4 or IPv6 protocols; IPv6 is set by default The listen option is set in the respective protocol sections, like protocol imap or protocol pop3 auth default section This section holds your default authentication options mechanism in auth section plain by default digest-MD5 and cran-MD5 are supported, but they are not needed if you are using SSL passwd in auth sectionmail_location The default mail storage method and location Dovecot supports either mailbox or maildir (IMAP) storage formats The mailbox format uses single large mailbox files to hold several mail messages Updates can be time consuming The maildir format uses a separate file for each message, making updates much more efficient Dovecot will automatically detect the kind of storage use, referencing the MAIL environment variable This will be the user's mbox file at /var/mail You can configure Dovecot to use a maildir format by setting the mail_location option to use a maildir setting, specifying the directory to use The %u symbol can be used to represent the username, %h for the home directory Messages will be stored in a user s maildir directory instead of an mbox file Be sure to create the maildir directory and give it read, write, and execute access
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Other POP and IMAP Servers
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Many distributions also include the Cyrus IMAP server, which you can install and use instead of Dovecot In addition, several other IMAP and POP servers are available for use on Linux:
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The University of Washington POP and IMAP servers (ftpcacwashingtonedu/imap) are part of the University of Washington s imap RPM package The POP server daemons are called ipop2d and ipop3d Your Linux system then runs as a POP2 and POP3 server for your network These servers are run through xinetd The POP3 server uses the ipop3 file in the /etc/xinetdd, and the IMAP uses imap
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Part VI:
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Internet and Network Services
The Cyrus IMAP server (asgwebcmuedu/cyrus) features security controls and authentication, using a private mailbox structure that is easily scalable Designed to be run on dedicated mail servers, it is supported and maintained by Carnegie Mellon The name of the Cyrus IMAP server daemon is imapd There will be a file called imap in the /etc/xinetdd directory The Courier-IMAP server (courier-mtaorg) is a small, fast IMAP server that provides extensive authentication support including LDAP and PAM Qpopper is the Berkeley POP server (popper) Qpopper is unsupported software, currently available from Qualcomm, makers of Eudora email software The Qpopper web page is located at the Eudora site archives (eudoracom)
NOTE The IMAP and POP servers provide SSL encryption for secure email transmissions You can
also run IMAP and POP servers using Stunnel to provide similar security Stunnel is an SSL wrapper for daemons like imapd, popd, and even pppd (modem connections) In the service's xinetd script, you can invoke the server with the stunnel command instead of running the server directly
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