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Appendix E: Glossary
Create UPC A In C#.NET
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Recognizing UPC A In Visual C#.NET
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breakpoint A debugging location in a program that will cause the program to temporarily suspend execution The developer can then query variable values, test code, watch the call stack, and so forth
Barcode Encoder In Visual C#
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Recognize Bar Code In C#
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caching Storing frequently requested documents in the memory of a server or a client machine This process speeds up the retrieval of web documents callback The address that an event source calls when an event happens
Generate UPC-A Supplement 5 In VS .NET
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UPC-A Supplement 2 Creation In VS .NET
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cascading style sheet (CSS) A mechanism for adding styling to web documents, such as fonts, colors, and so forth A style sheet contains the rules for transforming the web document casting The process of converting one object type to another, compatible object type
Paint UPC-A In Visual Basic .NET
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Code 128 Creator In Visual C#.NET
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certificate A digital attachment to a message The certificate contains security information about the provider of the message, such as who they are and if they can be trusted channel request An object that is responsible for the actual wire transmission of a remote
Printing Code 3 Of 9 In C#.NET
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Data Matrix ECC200 Drawer In Visual C#
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class A definition or blueprint of an object A class file contains a class description, along with the members of the class (methods, fields, and so forth) Classes are the foundation of object-oriented programming client The requestor of the services of a remote object A remote object that is activated by a client
UPCA Maker In Visual C#.NET
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Encoding 2 Of 5 Standard In C#.NET
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client-activated object (CAO) application CLR CLS
Draw Code 128 Code Set C In Objective-C
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Print GS1 - 12 In None
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See Common Language Runtime See Common Language Specification A class that is accessed by an aspx file It is a separate file from the PART VII
Bar Code Reader In VS .NET
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EAN128 Generator In None
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codebehind aspx file COM
Bar Code Generation In None
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Draw GS1 - 13 In .NET
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See Component Object Model
Data Matrix ECC200 Creation In None
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Code 39 Extended Printer In Java
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Common Language Runtime (CLR) The runtime environment that supplies services for NET code, such as object lifetime, debugging, and code-access security Common Language Specifications (CLS) The minimum requirements that a NET language must support In order to create components that are accessible from every NET implementation, the code must follow the CLS
MCAD/MCSD Visual C# NET Certification All-in-One Exam Guide
Common Type System (CTS) Defines a set of rules that all NET language compilers must follow These rules specify information about reference and value types Component Object Model (COM) Microsoft s framework for developing components that will interact using standard interfaces connection pooling The ability of a database provider to create a pool of connections that a new connection request can utilize console application a console A template for a solution that will run within the context of
constructor A pseudo-method that is called when the new keyword is used to create an object Code placed within a constructor will execute exactly once when the object is created CSS CTS See cascading style sheet See Common Type System
custom control A control that is created by someone other than the NET Framework A custom control can be created from scratch or can use controls already in existence and build upon their functionality
data binding The ability to tie data source information to a control or object A component that is capable of displaying data data consumer data provider The source of the data A data provider is required to gain access to a database Common data providers include OleDbProvider, SqlProvider, and so forth DCOM See Distributed Component Object Model
delegate A reference type that is similar to a C++ function pointer If you want to pass a method to another method, you need a delegate deployment The process of distributing an application to another computer, an intranet, the Internet, and or elsewhere derived class The class that is created by inheriting from a base class All classes derive from the Object class Discovery of Web Services (DISCO) The process of using a URL to find the location of a web service Not only can the location be found, but information about the service can be retrieved through the discovery process Information such as how to interact with the service can be retrieved
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