mvc barcode scanner Configuring and Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings in Software

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CHAPTER 2 Configuring and Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings
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1 Some questions require that you simply read them carefully, and this is one such question When upgrading from Windows XP to Vista, you do not need to transfer anything All files, settings, and programs will be automatically retained during the upgrade procedure The Windows Easy Transfer lets a user easily migrate personal files, e-mail, data files, media, and settings from your old computer to the new Vista system It does this with the least amount of administrative overhead The Microsoft Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) is used to migrate files and system settings from Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000 to Windows Vista The Windows Vista Aero color scheme is enabled Vista Ultimate is the only edition that includes the ability to join a domain and run the Windows Media Center that will allow you to record television programs The Ultimate Edition is Windows Aero capable, but it does not have to be enabled Device driver problems are indicated when opening Device Manager If there is a problem, you will see either a red X signifying that the device has been uninstalled or a yellow warning if there is a problem such as the driver not working Vista s new Parental Controls can place a wide variety of administrative restrictions on computer use, no matter what the age of the kids or spouse, as the case may be Windows Vista Business edition does not include the Parental Controls, and you need third-party tools to monitor Internet and Instant Message activity Microsoft does make some products that can do this, but they are beyond the budget of most small businesses If you said C and were thinking that it would be combined with answer D, then you ve got a good grasp of the subject matter After a clean installation, Vista places all of the user documents, contacts, Desktop Settings, and Favorites in a folder under %SystemDrive%\ Users Vista then creates a folder for each user of the system The scenario being described here is one that could be addressed perfectly by subscribing to the site s RSS feed Generally speaking, as long as the RSS feed adheres to an XML format, IE7 will serve as a very capable RSS reader You can be notified of new RSS content by opening the Favorites Center and choosing the desired feed from the RSS grouping
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Configure Windows Security Features
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Configure and Troubleshoot User Account Control Configure Windows Defender Configure Dynamic Security for Internet Explorer 7 Configure Security Settings in Windows Firewall Understand Windows Group Policy Objects
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This chapter s objectives deal with securing the Windows Vista operating system It is by no means a comprehensive tour of network security, or even operating system security Nonetheless, exam takers should find within a discussion that does a thorough job of hitting on all the topics you ll need to pass the 70-620 test, and that s exactly why you picked up the book It begins with a look at the oft-discussed and sometimes maligned User Account Control (UAC) There have even been television advertisements from competitors seeking to use this new Vista security feature as a weapon against poor Microsoft (It would be unseemly to mention any specific competitors, but let s just say that the company s name in question here rhymes with the word apple ) We then move into discussion of other utilities now included with the Vista operating system: Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Internet Explorer 7 Yes, some of these aren t exactly new applications, but their default behavior certainly has changed And, because the majority of computing threats come from the Internet, these three applications will work in harmony if properly configured to keep Internet threats at bay The chapter concludes with a big discussion on the biggest topic in the chapter, and quite possibly the entire book: Group Policies If you re taking this certification exam in order to become (or refresh skills about) a Windows network administrator, you will no doubt be revisiting this subject again In fact, it s no stretch to say that the majority of Windows network administration is Group Policy administration The conclusion of this chapter will leave you with a good understanding of Group Policies, which in turn will provide a good foundation as your studies continue
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