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Objective 402
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Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues
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s with so many other troubleshooting procedures, network connectivity troubleshooting usually begins with an investigation of the physical layer If that sounds a little highbrow, consider the decidedly low-tech questions you generally ask while troubleshooting the physical layer: Is it plugged in Is it attached properly Usually, the answer is yes, but it doesn t hurt to double-check I ve seen several occasions where a laptop just stopped being able to get on the Internet, for example The problem The user had inadvertently hit a button that disabled the network card On one of my laptops, for example, there is a little button that is flanked by the power switch and a USB port This button toggles on or off the wireless networking card, and it s dreadfully easy to hit this thing accidentally when either
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resuming from a sleep session or plugging in a USB device The only indicator I have (besides loss of connectivity) is a little blue light on the front of the laptop housing that is easy to overlook Another potential gotcha is the uninstall procedure that can be launched using the Drivers tab of the network card s properties dialog box One network engineer I know (okay, it s me) has replaced a network card without uninstalling the drivers first This usually isn t a problem when IP addresses are assigned dynamically, but it can definitely cause problems if addresses are assigned statically In this instance, the IP address will stick, resulting in an error message: The IP is already assigned to another NIC Do you wish to continue You can sometimes proceed past this without incident, but if the other NIC is ever plugged back in, there will be a conflict It is therefore recommended that you uninstall any device prior to removing it from your computer This ensures that there will not be any compatibility issues or conflicts with other drivers
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Troubleshooting Logical Connections
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Once you determine that everything is physically attached, it s time to start your logical networking investigation This will make up the bulk of your network troubleshooting and is what you should concentrate on as you prepare for the exam There s no right or wrong in how to go about this investigation, but a good place to start is with a check of the Device Manager I recommend visiting this first to make sure the device driver is still installed and operational If everything checks out, you can then start the process of checking the settings in Vista s default network protocols, TCP/IP TCP/IP includes several complementary troubleshooting utilities such as IPCONFIGEXE, PINGEXE, PATHPINGEXE, and TRACERTEXE Each one is run from the command prompt, each has its place in the troubleshooting process, and each is discussed briefly in the sections that follow
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TCP/IP troubleshooting usually begins here, with answers to questions like the following:
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What s my IP address Do I have a static or dynamic IP address What is my assigned DNS server How many network cards are configured with an IP address
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The answers to these questions and more can be provided by IPCONFIG Its job is straightforward: it displays IP configuration information When it is run
CHAPTER 4 Configure Network Connectivity
without any switches (just ipconfig at the command prompt), it will provide four pieces of basic information:
The IP address The subnet mask The default gateway The connection-specific DNS suffix
This is sometimes all you need If you see an IP address of 169254xy, for example, you know that the DHCP component in the network is down, and you ve been assigned an address from the APIPA space Your troubleshooting can then focus on the DCHP server (the wireless access point in many cases) rather than on the Vista machine IPCONFIG can also be used with one of several switches that can be listed by running the / (help) switch, as in ipconfig / Table 41 shows a few of the more common switches
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