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Terms of Therapy
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7 pertaining to quieting down 8 relating to (something) against life
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Answers to Probe of Case History
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(A) day (B) It exerts an action that is against or opposed to the stimulating body action of the amphetamines
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Test: Part 1
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DO NOT REFER TO THE TEXT WHEN TAKING THIS TEST A good score is at least 18 (out of 25 questions) correct The answers are in the back of the book It s best to have a friend check your score the rst time so you won t memorize the answers if you want to take the test again
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1 The main idea or concept of a medical term is called its: (a) Suf x (b) Root (c) Pre x (d) Origin (e) Combining vowel 2 The suf x in the word, premorbidity (pree-mor-BID-ih-tee), is: (a) Pre(b) Morbid (c) Post(d) -ity (e) -idity
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Copyright 2006 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Click here for terms of use
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Test: Part 1
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3 Pronouncing the word, osteology (ahs-tee-AHL-uh-jee), is considerably easier than pronouncing another word with the same meaning, ostelogy (ahs-tee-LOH- jee), because: (a) Ostelogy is based only upon Latin word parts (b) Osteology is created from both Greek and Latin word parts (c) Osteology contains a combining vowel (d) The word root in osteology is simpler than that in ostelogy (e) Ostelogy contains two suf xes 4 A word with the exact opposite meaning of premorbidity is: (a) Postmortality (pohst-mor-TAL-ih-tee) (b) Morbiditis (mor-bid-EYE-tis) (c) Multimorbidity (mul-tee-mor-BID-ih-tee) (d) Postmorbidity (pohst-mor-BID-ih-tee) (e) Hypomortality (high-poh-mor-TAL-ih-tee) 5 The pre x in premorbidity means (a) Around (b) Before (c) Without (d) Removal of (e) After 6 The plural of coccus is: (a) Cocci (b) Cockeyed (c) Coccidiosis (d) Coccusia (e) Coccusaces 7 Analgesia differs from anesthesia in that it: (a) Involves a removal of bony growths, not cartilage-containing ones (b) Points to a body in ammation (c) Entails the loss only of the sense of pain (d) Adds considerably more color to an otherwise dull day (e) Re ects a loss of essentially all types of body sensations 8 A surgical incision made superior and medial to the left eyebrow would probably cut through the: (a) Chin (b) Bridge of the nose (c) Middle of the forehead (d) Temple area of the head (e) Upper gumline in regular English
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9 An abnormal condition of benumbing : (a) Paresthesia (b) Anesthesia (c) Autopsy (d) Narcosis (e) Narcotic
10 When a surgeon says, Nurse, please ligate that bleeding vessel! he is telling the nurse to: (a) Perform a biopsy (b) Suture the vessel (c) Cut the vessel apart into two or more pieces (d) Pinch the vessel off using forceps (e) Tie a thread or wire tightly around the vessel 11 Just what does that particular bone do in the human arm, Doc would be a question most appropriately asked of a: (a) Pharmacist (b) Pathologist (c) Anesthetist (d) Physiologist (e) Anatomist 12 Spending too much of your day sucking and chewing upon coca leaves would probably give you: (a) Sore lips (b) Preoperative anesthesia (c) Trephination (d) Postop tremors (e) Symptoms of extreme sleepiness 13 Excision of the tip of a patient s tongue would indicate that the tip was: (a) Turned inside-out (b) Reattached (c) Severely in amed (d) Completely removed (e) Sutured onto the underside of the tongue 14 A hot branding iron can be effectively used for what medical purpose (a) Administering cryotherapy (b) Cauterization (c) Inducing emesis (d) Studying gross anatomy (e) Providing sedation for an agitated patient
Test: Part 1
15 Infectious diseases literally refer to body: (a) Infestations (b) Capitulation (c) Invasions (d) Rupture (e) Malaria 16 One day, Professor Joe was bitten by an extremely aggressive gnat while walking through the jungle collecting medicinal plants! Two days later, the poor professor suddenly collapsed and was shown to have jungle fever microorganisms swarming within his bloodstream We can logically conclude that the gnat was acting as a: (a) Protozoon (b) Parasite (c) Host (d) Vector (e) Bacterium 17 A toad s entire eyeball probably couldn t be photographed by a scanning electron microscope at once, owing to this reality: (a) The eyeball is far too squishy! (b) The scanning electron microscopy procedure is too costly to waste on a dumb toad (c) A toad s forehead is more anterior than are the eyeballs, which are sunken back into their shiny skull sockets (d) The eyeball is far too shy to be photographed by any means! (e) The eye is macroscopic 18 Bacteria are classi ed as pathogenic if they: (a) Serve as food for humans (b) Produce helpful gases (c) Assist human cells in gaining nutrients (d) Cause cases of human illness (e) Aid in fermenting goat cheese 19 A little girl stricken with blue spots of mycosis all over her face would be suffering from an attack of what type of organism (a) Rodent (b) Fungus (c) Bacterium (d) Virus (e) Bacillus
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