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Our Body Senses
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Taking the dermis together with the epidermis, gives us the true skin: THE TRUE SKIN = DERMIS + EPIDERMIS ( Super cial (Deep epithelial strata) connective tissue layer)
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Melanocytes and related disorders
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Near the base of the dermis (Figure 101) lie a great number of melanocytes (MEL-uh-nuh-sights) These black (melan) cells (cytes) are large and shaped somewhat like an octopus The long arms of the melanocyte s cytoplasm are used to inject melanin (MEL-uh-nin), a black (melan) substance (-in), into nearby cells of the epidermis The brownish-black melanin granules make our skin pigmented In addition, these granules help absorb harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sunlight that strike the skin surface It is thought that chronic overexposure to the UV rays from sunlight crosslinks the dermal collagen bers, creating wrinkles But much worse, these rays may trigger mutations in skin cell DNA molecules ( 6) Such mutations can result in melanoma (mel-uh-NOH-muh) Such black tumors (-omas), unfortunately, frequently become malignant A diagnosis of malignant melanoma is therefore a frightening one! Most malignant melanomas arise from abnormal cell division in the melanocytes of normal skin They are typically asymptomatic (AY-sim-tom-AT-ik), or without symptoms, in their early stages A sudden increase in the size of dark moles, especially moles with irregular margins, should be checked by a dermatologist (dur-muh-TAHLuh-jist) A dermatologist is one who specializes in the study of (-ologist) the skin (dermat)
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Hair follicles, sensory receptors, and sebaceous glands
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Observe back in Figure 101 that a hair follicle (FAHL-uh-kul) is shown in the dermis, along with a number of sensory receptors A hair follicle is a little bag surrounded by a membrane and containing a hair The hair, like the epidermis, is colored by melanin granules What is the main function of our hairs, Noble Hippocrates Well, let s nd out for ourselves! Now, gently brush your ngertips across the hairs of your leg or forearm, without actually touching the skin surface Don t you feel a tingling sensation The function of our hair is mainly assisting our sense of touch, since a sensory nerve basket lies at the base of the hair follicle When you bend the hair within its follicle, you activate this sensory nerve basket [Thinking probe: Why do mice, and the cats who chase
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Gland and Skin Disorders
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them into little holes in walls, have such long whiskers on their faces What is the likely function of these long whiskers ] Other sensory receptors (not connected to the hair follicles) act as ones that (-or) receive (recept) information about various body senses These senses include those of touch, pain, cold, heat, vibration, and pressure (The associated nervous system activities will be discussed in 11) When a person is going bald, they are said to suffer from alopecia (al-ohPEA-she-ah) or fox mange ! In reality, the hair follicles do not totally lose their hairs Rather, the large hairs are periodically shed, and very thin hairs replace them So a supposedly bald person really does still have hair! Sometimes our hairs (like our skin) feel greasy This is due to sebum (SEEbum) or grease (seb) Sebum is secreted by one or more sebaceous (seh-BAYshus) glands These glands are attached to the sides of a hair follicle (Figure 102, A) The sebum helps lubricate the skin surface The problems occur when there is a hypersecretion (high-per-see-KREE-shun) or excessive (hyper-) secretion of sebum Usually this is accompanied by an abnormal accumulation of keratin (KAIR-uh-tin), or horn substance, as well The excessive amount of sebum and keratin building up within the hair follicle can eventually block its opening onto the skin surface (Figure 102, B) The result is a comedo (KAHM-eh-doh) or blackhead The word, comedo, comes from the Latin for eat up This strange name comes from the action of skin bacteria, which actively eat up the sebum and keratin plug of the blackhead The blackhead s dark color is not the result of dirt, but rather the effect of oxygen upon the sebum plug A type of dermatitis in ammation of (-itis) the skin (dermat) often follows The action of bacilli feeding upon sebum releases fatty acids, which are extremely irritating to the surrounding tissue Leukocytes enter the hair follicle and die, creating a white pimple with pus Acne (AK-nee) vulgaris (vul-GAIRis) often results This is a disease of the common people (vulgar) which involves the creation of raised red points (acne) on the skin surface These acne lesions (places of damage) are technically called papules (PAP-yools) or pimples If the pimples become lled with liquid pus, then they are properly called pustules (PUS-chools) little (-ules) sacs of pus (pust) What causes these awful pimples and pustules of acne vulgaris, Hippocrates Well, they were common even in my day, long ago The fact that acne often begins during adolescence (ad-uh-LES-ens), the time when we start to grow up (adolesc), provides a strong clue This is the time in life when the androgens (AN-droh-jens) or male (andr) producing (-gens) hormones, begin to rise to high levels within the bloodstream It is thought that these androgens stimulate the hypersecretion of sebum that gives rise to acne vulgaris
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