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Exchange had its beginnings in Microsoft Mail, a messaging-only platform (even calendaring wasn t a part of Microsoft Mail; you needed Microsoft s Schedule+ to keep track of your schedule) Microsoft Mail provided messaging within the organization, public folders, had the capability of multiple locations, connectivity to the Internet (it was painful to support, but it worked), routing, and more However, at the time, the concept of collaboration via e-mail simply was not a reality in most people s minds Microsoft Mail was replaced by Exchange Server version 40 (the last version of Microsoft Mail was 35, so Exchange got a version of 40) Exchange Server 40 was a complete rewrite of the messaging platform (although many of the concepts from Microsoft Mail were retained in one form or another) Messaging over the Internet via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) was an integrated part of the product, instead of as a purchased add-on (as was the case for Microsoft Mail) in the form of the Internet Mail Service
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Exchange 5x
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Exchange 50 added Outlook Web Access (OWA) to provide remote users access to their messages via a Web browser Version 55 added support for Internet-standard messaging protocols, such as Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 (IMAP4), and became the version of Exchange that seemed to really make Exchange the messaging platform of choice If anyone remembers, Exchange 5x also had a built-in chat server: Comic Chat you could pick a character, choose a facial expression, and chat with the other person in the form of what appeared to be a comic strip!
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Introduction to Exchange Server 2007
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Exchange 2000/2003
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Exchange 2000 was an amazing update to the product The directory containing the list of mailboxes, recipients, etc moved to Active Directory, and SMTP became the primary protocol used to communicate, both within Exchange and between Exchange and other messaging systems Significant improvements to OWA were Microsoft s first attempt at making it a viable primary client (although, in my experience, it wasn t until Exchange 2003 that OWA was really looked at as a real messaging client) Exchange 2000 continued to support the chat service, but also had a new instant messaging (IM) service that has since moved out of Exchange into Live Communication Server Exchange 2000 was supposed to be the anytime, anywhere, any client messaging platform, but beyond OWA, Outlook 2000, and any standard POP3/IMAP4 client, if you wanted to access Exchange from a mobile device, you needed a separate product called Mobile Information Server (MIS) So Exchange wasn t completely there just yet Exchange 2000 also had a separate version, Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server, which provided data, voice, and video conferencing, and has since moved to Live Communication Server Exchange 2003 was a features upgrade to 2000, but was not a truly new version (in fact, Exchange 2000 was considered to be Exchange version 60, and Exchange 2003 was version 65) Exchange 2003 added features such as advanced recovery features, the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) to block spam, Outlook Mobile Access to get your e-mail from your cell phone s browser, access to Exchange over the Internet using Outlook 2003 and integration with Microsoft Operations Manager, and a much-improved OWA client This was indeed an improvement upon Exchange 2000 So the question loomed How can Microsoft improve on a fantastic messaging platform
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Because Exchange 2007 is not another features upgrade to Exchange 2003, but a completely new version of the platform, I want to cover some highlights of what you will find when exploring it
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Simplified Administration
Microsoft has taken great strides in making every aspect of managing Exchange easier From installation to the management interface to configuration of every aspect of Exchange, one of the overall goals was to make administration easier to accomplish Here are a few highlights of what you will see with Exchange 2007
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