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Exchange Recipients and Clients
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Configuring Profiles
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Outlook 2007 still allows users or administrators to manually configure profiles through the Mail program in Control Panel In 64-bit Vista, you may have to enable 32-bit Control Panel programs in order to see the Mail option in Classic View Profile creation can be part of the deployment or upgrade process The OCT and GPO both allow for user profile creation at installation with supplementary configuration files such as configxml and the msp file from OCT
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Auto Account Setup
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Creating Outlook profiles has generally required using an Office resource kit utility (or several), visiting workstations, customizing install images, or providing painstakingly clear instructions complete with the name for the Exchange server for users to create their own profiles The first options at the very least required some administrator time, whereas the last one often resulted in too many help desk calls Profile creation in Outlook 2007 is simpler than in any other version The Autodiscover web service will query Active Directory to retrieve the corresponding user alias and the name of the appropriate Exchange server, or even the POP3 or IMAP4 server Autodiscover is automatic for domain-joined workstations, but on computers that are not members of the domain users can still just enter their e-mail address and domain credentials Figure 11-24 shows the Auto Account Setup credentials needed on a workstation that was not a member of the domain in which Exchange 2007 is installed
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FIGURE 11-24 Outlook 2007 Auto Account Setup input form
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Outlook 2007
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Autodiscover Internal versus External
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Autodiscover uses the domain in which the server is a member If the workstation is not a domain member, it uses the domain provided with the SMTP address on the Auto Account Setup form in Figure 11-24 to query Active Directory For external locations, Outlook will also use the SMTP domain to formulate a standardized URL as one of the following: https://<smtp_domain>/autodiscover/autodiscoverxml https://autodiscover<smtp_domain>/autodiscover/autodiscoverxml A host record needs to be added to the external DNS zone for the Autodiscover service There is more coverage on the Autodiscover service in 11 covering Client Access Servers
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CTRL-right-clicking the Outlook icon in the task bar will open a pop-up menu Selecting the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration option opens a window to help troubleshoot the Autodiscover service and identify the specific URLs that it returns for the different services Figure 11-25 provides the output of that test showing the URLs for the Availability service, OOF, OAB, and UM From the Exchange Management Shell, the Web services can also be tested as follows:
Testing Auto Account Configuration
Outlook Profile Files (prf)
Outlook Profile files (prf) are configuration files used in creating or updating Outlook profiles The format for prf files has not changed; it remains the same as in Outlook 2002 and 2003
FIGURE 11-25
Outlook 2007 Test E-mail AutoCon guration output
Part IV:
Exchange Recipients and Clients
The Office Customization Tool provides the easiest method for creating new prf files After configuring profile settings as desired, you can use OCT to export that information to a prf file from the Remove accounts & export settings option, as shown in Figure 11-26 There are a few ways to update profiles in Outlook 2007 using prf files Profiles are intrinsic to the msp files created with OCT, so before you create the msp file, a prf file can be imported if needed Outlookexe also has an /importprf switch, which when run will silently update the local profile A separate switch will prompt the user Here s the syntax for those options:
>outlookexe /ImportPRF \\servershare\outlookprf >outlookexe /PromptImportPRF \\servershare\outlookprf
The OCT can make Registry updates as well, configured under the Additional Content option A Registry change can be made so Outlook thinks it is running for the first time Two keys need to be removed, then one added to have Outlook implement a prf on startup: Delete: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\120\Outlook\Setup\First-Run HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\120\Outlook\Setup\FirstRun Add a DWORD value ImportPRF with the string showing the path to the prf file: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\120\Outlook\Setup\ These profile changes are, of course, in the user context on the workstation If the workstation is shared, the same process would be used for secondary Outlook users on that machine
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