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Exchange Recipients and Clients
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FIGURE 12-23
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A Remote File Server Block list in OWA 2007
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Figure 12-24 shows the settings available for Public Computer File Access should the user select Public when they log onto OWA The Private Computer File Access tab has the same options as the Public tab The administrator can enable or disable remote file access and WebReady document viewing independently for access from public or private computers In addition, remote file access can be limited to Windows shares or SharePoint document libraries, or both can be enabled
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Exchange Management Shell
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Like many other areas in Exchange, the EMS provides the most granular administrative access to Exchange configuration The main management cmdlet relevant to OWA, Set-OWAVirtualDirectory, controls virtual directory property settings, most of which you saw using the EMC in the previous section This cmdlet controls many settings
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Outlook Web Access 2007
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FIGURE 12-24 in the EMC
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The Public Computer File Access tab of the Virtual Directory Properties dialog box
governing OWA 2007 for users It is the Swiss Army knife of OWA configuration To get the list of parameters available with this versatile and important cmdlet, enter the following in the EMS:
>Get-help Set-OWAVirtualDirectory
In addition to the Set- verb, there is also the following: New-OWAVirtualDirectory Creates new virtual directory for use in web access Remove-OWAVirtualDirectory Deletes a specific virtual directory Get-OWAVirtualDirectory Returns the configuration parameters of the requested virtual directory
Part IV:
Exchange Recipients and Clients
The cmdlet Set-OWAVirtualDirectory is the most-used cmdlet for OWA server-side administration in Exchange 2007
This is a special cmdlet used in troubleshooting OWA It can be used to confirm that OWA is working on a specific CAS role or domain controller or throughout the Exchange organization as a whole It even has a -WhatIf parameter to report the ramifications of suggested changes to the configuration We will discuss this cmdlet further in 20 covering maintenance and optimization
Whereas Set-OWAVirtualDirectory is the main cmdlet for server administration of OWA, Set-CASMailbox is the primary administrative cmdlet for the user side of Outlook Web Access Numerous OWA-specific parameters can be called with the Set-CASMailbox cmdlet These are all toggle switches to enable or disable specific OWA functionality for a mailbox, and not surprisingly they are analogous to the list shown in the Segmentation tab, which controls the functionality presented by OWA on the server side This cmdlet also can be used as a full switch to enable or disable OWA altogether The syntax for disabling OWA for a user is as follows:
>Set-CASMailbox <username> -OWAEnabled $false
Each of the parameters in this cmdlet follow the same $true|$false options Here is the full list of OWA-specific parameters from the Set-CASMailbox cmdlet: OWAActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled OWAAllAddressListsEnabled OWACalendarEnabled OWAChangePasswordEnabled OWAContactsEnabled OWAEnabled OWAJournalEnabled OWAJournalEnabled OWAJunkEmailEnabled OWANotesEnabled OWAPremiumClientEnabled OWAPublicFoldersEnabled OWARecoverDeletedItemsEnabled OWARemindersAndNotificationsEnabled OWARulesEnabled
Outlook Web Access 2007
OWASMimeEnabled OWASearchFoldersEnabled OWASignaturesEnabled OWASpellCheckerEnabled OWATasksEnabled OWAThemeSelectionEnabled OWAUMIntegrationEnabled OWAUNCAccessOnPrivateComputersEnabled OWAUNCAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled OWAWSSAccessOnPrivateComputersEnabled OWAWSSAccessOnPublicComputersEnabled
Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
Because OWA is still a web application, the IIS Manager is required to administer the web server components of OWA With the IIS Manager, the administrator can control the security settings and properties of the websites and their virtual directories IIS is used to make a new certificate request for a virtual directory when a third-party SSL certificate is installed
Redirect or Shorten the OWA URL
A common question that arises for administrators involves the ability to use a simplified URL for their client base Control of the website URL is managed in the virtual directory properties in IIS Figure 12-25 shows the settings to redirect the legacy /exchange address to the default URL for OWA 2007 with the /owa at the end The URL can be shortened as well so users can omit the /owa part altogether This is accomplished through the same interface, but you select the check box beside A directory below URL entered and change the URL in the Direct To field to https://owavirtuecorpcom It is even possible to place a shortcut on users desktops to the OWA URL through logon scripts or a Group Policy Object so they need not remember the syntax at all
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