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Importing a management pack
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Maintenance and Optimization
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Although additional Exchange 2007 cmdlets can provide information to MOM, they have to be manually configured to do so Some are specific to the server roles they test The Exchange 2007 management pack takes less time to configure than previous versions of Exchange management packs because it is already preconfigured to monitor each of the different Exchange 2007 roles independently For status information you can view the state of the entire organization collectively, see each role grouped together, or see each server independently Perhaps the most attractive feature of MOM is its reporting services The Exchange 2007 management pack will import Exchange 2007-specific reports that can assist with change management and capacity planning
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Third-party Monitoring Tools
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There are a number of third-party vendors that provide monitoring tools However, there is only a handful specializing in monitoring Exchange Server 2007 Table 20-1 shows some of the more prominent monitoring tools
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Vendor/Product Zenprise for Exchange
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Description and Link Zenprise provides real-time, automated diagnosis and resolution of operational problems across the Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry environments Zenprise automatically provides resolutions to complex e-mail problems, which enables enterprises to spend less time and money manually troubleshooting issues while simultaneously improving overall service levels For example, user complaints about sending, receiving, or viewing e-mails, will require an administrator to analyze multiple infrastructure components such as Active Directory, DNS, and network devices to pinpoint the root cause of the problem a process that can be unduly tedious and time consuming A customer s monitoring systems will detect numerous errors across the infrastructure Zenprise complements these systems by automatically correlating errors across the infrastructure components to not only quickly detect the underlying cause of these errors, but also to provide detailed resolution steps to the administrator The automated diagnosis and resolution of the problem allows the issue to be resolved in minutes, rather than the hours, days, or weeks traditionally spent troubleshooting (Go to http://wwwzenprisecom/products/exchangeaspx) Helps administrators protect mission-critical messaging environments with Exchange troubleshooting that quickly diagnoses exactly where and what the problems are and resolves the problems from a single, easy-to-use interface (Go to http://wwwquest com/intelligent-messaging/end-user-experienceaspx) Retrieves vital information easily as well as measures the use of your electronic messaging system, analyzes traffic patterns and mailbox and public folder content, and establishes the cost of using the system (Go to http://wwwbi101com/products/ solutions/promodag/indexphp) Mailscape is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring, administration, and maintenance in a single solution Mailscape s sleek dashboard provides vital information about each server s current state and growth rate to facilitate proactive Exchange management Mailscape manages Exchange proactively to optimize system performance and minimize downtime It also increases helpdesk efficiency to improve the level of end-user service (Go to http://wwwenowinccom/mailscape/overviewasp)
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Quest Software s Spotlight on Exchange and MessageStats Promodag Reports
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ENow s Mailscape
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TABLE 20-1
Third-party Monitoring Tools
Part VI:
E-mail Continuity
Monitoring Exchange 2007
Although Microsoft Operations Manager with the Exchange 2007 management pack is the most comprehensive tool from Microsoft for monitoring Exchange Server 2007, it will benefit you to know how other tools can be used In this part of the chapter we will look at how these various tools can be used in some cases in conjunction with one another to monitor clients, individual server roles, system resources, and services We will also take a look at how you can configure tools to send alerts so that you can be notified in the event that an issue arises or a failure occurs
Monitoring Clients
To make sure users have the best experience possible with the infrastructure you have, you should monitor the clients, the servers, and the network on which they communicate with each other Clients tend to be the canaries in the coalmine when it comes to monitoring Exchange Server or network connectivity problem in many organizations With proper monitoring, it may be possible to identify problems before the end users get a chance to call the helpdesk
Outlook (MAPI)
The client that is most dependent on the network for its performance is the MAPI client Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2002 are supported MAPI clients Outlook 2000 and earlier clients were not tested with, and are not supported by, Exchange Server 2007 There are MAPI connections made to Exchange that are not Outlook connections Monitor the version number of the MAPI connections being made to your Exchange 2007 mailbox servers If you see a connection with a version older than 10026272625, that connection is unsupported and could be a problem waiting to happen For example, if a line of business application uses MAPI to interface with Exchange 2007, make sure it supports a version of MAPI higher than Outlook 2002 (10026272625) Monitoring the version numbers of the MAPI connections could help identify problems You can use the Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) to identify the client versions and IP addresses used by the clients In Figures 20-1 and 20-2, earlier in the chapter, we looked at how ExMon displays RPC connection latency data for MAPI clients On the client machine you can capture performance information with Performance Monitor (PerfMon) In Figure 20-11, you can see the Outlook Performance object and the available performance counts associated with the object for a Outlook 2007 client on a Vista machine You can use the Exchange Management Shell to test MAPI connectivity to the Mailbox databases The cmdlet is Test-MAPIConnectivity It will display the results of the test, as shown in Figure 20-12 If you are running MOM with the Exchange 2007 management pack, this test will be performed automatically and will appear in the Operator Console under Performance Views
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