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Front-end servers in Exchange 2000 and 2003 had the benefit of not having to store any data This made them a better candidate to place in the perimeter of a network This was not an ideal situation, however The front-end servers are still members of the Active Directory
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Introduction to Exchange Server 2007
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domains and therefore required a number of TCP/IP ports to be opened on the internal firewall Many firewall administrators prohibited Exchange Server 2003 from being placed into the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of their networks because of these port requirements Exchange Administrators, in many cases, turned to Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server) as a perimeter solution for Exchange Server Microsoft also recommends ISA as a more secure perimeter solution for Exchange Server than front-end servers The downside to ISA as a lone perimeter solution, is that while it can look and act like an Exchange Server to Internet clients, it is not an Exchange Server Microsoft has introduced a new server role that has no equivalent in any other release of Exchange Server The Edge Transport Server is a true Exchange perimeter solution as it does not need to be a member of the Active Directory domain and yet, it is most definitely an Exchange Server that is part of your Exchange Server 2007 organization
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Another area in which Exchange Server has been lacking in is antivirus and spam filtering Some progress was made when the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) became integrated with Exchange Server 2003 with the release of SP2 The IMF provides in-house SPAM filtering But there has been an obvious void in Exchange Server when it comes to antivirus protection Now available from Microsoft is an antivirus solution for Exchange Server 2007 It is called ForeFront The antivirus part of ForeFront is, of course, the integration of Antigen, which Microsoft acquired with their acquisition of Sybari back in February 2005 Part V of this book covers Exchange Server 2007 s security features in depth You can find information on deploying the Edge Transport Servers in 7
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Unified Messaging and Unified Communications
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Unified messaging links together voice and data technologies that have been separated for many years By adding a new dedicated Unified Messaging Server role, Microsoft has shown its commitment to the merger of voice and data networks This is illustrated best with the combined features of unified messaging and the new Office Communication Server In October 2007 Microsoft officially announced its Unified Communications strategy to provide voice and video conferencing as an integrated package The products in this suite include Unified Messaging and Office Communication Server s 9 and 13 go into detail on both unified messaging and unified communications
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Paradigm Shift in Management
The PowerShell engine (previously MONAD) was the brainchild of Jeffrey Snover, who is the Windows PowerShell Architect There are five key design concepts behind the PowerShell with one goal The goal is essentially to build an intuitive shell that empowers administrators at any skill level Administrators is the key word The five characteristics that are consistent throughout PowerShell are that it is: Interactive Composable Programmatic
Part I:
Exchange Server 2007 Fundamentals
Production-oriented Easy to use UNIX administrators will find many similarities between PowerShell and the tools that they are familiar with In fact, many of the individuals who were involved with developing PowerShell have extensive knowledge of UNIX, AS400, and VMS The level of interactivity in PowerShell was inspired by BASH and KSH The programmatic sophistication of PowerShell was inspired by Perl and Ruby The production orientation was modeled after the CS on the AS400 and the DCL on VMS
Management Architecture
Exchange Server 2007, like earlier versions of Exchange Server, is a showcase for the latest Microsoft technology The Exchange Server 2007 toolset will likely be the first use of PowerShell that many IT professionals experience PowerShell is not an Exchange-specific tool, but the Exchange developers have taken full advantage of the PowerShell architecture in order to enhance the Exchange IT professional experience In Figure 1-1 you can see how the PowerShell architecture is the foundation for all administrative tools Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins are built on top of the PowerShell engine All tasks that can be performed in the UI can be performed from a command line with cmdlets, which are NET object classes, from within the Microsoft Management Shell (MMS) The depth and breadth of the PowerShell can be seen in how advanced programming languages such as NET can conversely be used to leverage the MMS and MMC cmdlets Under the hood, the PowerShell is performing the heavy lifting that would normally require many additional lines of code in a script Concise cmdlets are created for the majority of the tasks that the administrator will have to perform, making it possible to accomplish complex administrative tasks with a single line of text Microsoft refers to these simple yet powerful commands as one-liners
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Exchange Management Console (EMS) Command Line Interface (CLI) Exchange Setup Exchange Management Shell (EMS) EMC Wizards
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