Using the Mouse in Microsoft Office

Maker PDF-417 2d barcode in Microsoft Office Using the Mouse

Using the Mouse
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When you place the mouse pointer on a control in a form and click the mouse button, the following events occur
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MouseDown MouseUp Click
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TIP Notice the Click event doesn t occur until after the MouseUp event
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If you use the mouse to move focus from one control to another, the sequence of events is as follows:
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Exit(control1) LostFocus(control1) Enter(control2) GotFocus(control2) MouseDown(control2) MouseUp(control2) Click
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If you move to another control by other means, such as pressing TAB, and then clicking the mouse button, the Current event for the form occurs between the LostFocus event for the first control and the Enter event for the second
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Understanding Events and the Event Model
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When you double-click a mouse button on a control other than a command button, both the Click and DblClick events occur, each with a corresponding MouseUp event, as follows:
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MouseDown MouseUp Click DblClick MouseUp
If the control is a command button, a second Click event follows the second MouseUp event The MouseMove event is independent of the other mouse events and occurs when you pass the mouse pointer over the form, a form section, or control The MouseMove event is often used to display ScreenTips and other comments explaining parts of a form
Report and Report Section Events
Report and Report section events occur when you open or close a report Opening a report for previewing and printing both trigger the same sequence of events Some of the Report section events occur during or after section formatting and before printing the section The following events occur if you open a report for previewing or printing, and then close the report or switch to a different Access window:
Open Activate Close Deactivate
If you have two reports open and you switch between them, the Deactivate event occurs for the first report, followed by the Activate event for the second The Deactivate event doesn t occur for the report if you switch to a dialog box, a pop-up form, or a window in a different application When the report you open is based on a query, the Open event occurs before the query is run This is useful for entering the criteria for the query in a procedure that responds to the Open report event The procedure could open a dialog box in which the user is prompted to enter a value to be used in the parameter query When you preview or print the report, each section is formatted individually and prepared for printing after the Activate report event and before the Close report event When all the sections are formatted for printing, the report is closed and deactivated The sequence is as follows:
Open(report) Activate(report) Format(section) Print(section) Close(report) Deactivate(report)
Some special events can occur while a section is being formatted or after formatting is complete, but before printing These events are the following:
Retreat, which occurs when Access returns to a previous section to make changes
during formatting For example, if you set a group s Keep Together property to Whole Group or With First Detail, Access must return to the previous report section to determine if the controls can all fit on the page The Retreat event is also useful for maintaining the positioning of report items on a page
NoData, which occurs if no records are in the report
Part III:
Improving the Workplace
Page, which occurs after formatting, but before printing If you want to add special
formatting to customize the report s appearance, you can attach a procedure to this event
Setting Event Properties
Event properties are used to run a macro or a VBA procedure each time the associated event occurs The tables in an earlier section of this chapter describe the events and indicate to which objects each applies When an event applies to a form, control, or report, that object has an event property that corresponds to the event This is the property you set to create the appropriate response to the event For example, enter the name of a macro in the On Click property of a command button and it will run when you click the button To set an event property, open the property sheet for the object, and then click the Event tab Figure 18-1 shows the Event property sheet for a form Depending on how you intend to create a response to the event, do one of the following:
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