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Draw Quick Response Code in Microsoft Office PART III

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Creating Switchboards
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A switchboard system for a database consists of a hierarchical arrangement of switchboard pages, including a main switchboard page that usually branches out to two or more subordinate pages Each page contains a set of items with commands that carry out a specified activity Most items also include an argument that specifies which form to open, which report to preview, which macro or procedure to run, and other particulars
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The Difference between the Navigation Pane and a Switchboard
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Both types of user interfaces offer particular advantages You can decide which to use based on your preferences The Navigation Pane is always available, even when closed It keeps objects visible but you can limit the objects in a view by creating special categories and groups of objects that focus on specific activities When you create custom groups of objects, you don t need to build macros or write Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code A switchboard is a small screen that is easy to reach and has buttons that you can click to take an action, such as open a data entry form or print a report The switchboard is hidden while you are working with an object You can hide objects that you don t want others to use by limiting their availability For example, a switchboard may not allow access to object designs
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Part III:
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Improving the Workplace
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When the Access 2003 Database Wizard created a new database, it always added at least one switchboard for the user interface Figure 21-5 shows the Main switchboard page for the Order Entry database created in Access 2003 In addition to the main switchboard page were two other switchboard pages in the user interface within the Order Entry database: The Forms Switchboard, reached by clicking the Enter/View Other Information item The Reports Switchboard, reached by clicking Preview Reports The ellipses ( ) following each of those items tell the user that the choice opens secondary switchboard pages Access 2007 includes the Switchboard Manager to help create your own Notice that one of the items on the Main Switchboard in Figure 21-5 is Change Switchboard Items, which launches the Switchboard Manager
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Using the Switchboard Manager to Create Switchboards
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To start the Switchboard Manager, on the Database Tools tab s Database Tools group, click the Switchboard Manager command If your database already has a switchboard system, the Switchboard Manager window lists all the existing switchboard pages If your database does not already have a valid switchboard, the Switchboard Manager displays a message asking if you want to create a new one Click Yes
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FIGURE 21-5 The Order Entry database Main Switchboard page
Customizing the Navigation Pane and Creating Switchboards
The first Switchboard Manager dialog box starts with the mandatory default main switchboard page
Adding Items to the Page
If you are creating a new switchboard system, your first step is to add items to the main switchboard by selecting the page in the Switchboard Manager dialog box (if not already selected) and clicking Edit This opens the Edit Switchboard Page dialog box
No items appear in the main switchboard for the Police database yet Before adding them to the switchboard, enter Bayview City Police as the Switchboard Name in place of Main Switchboard Then begin to add a list of items that you want to appear when the database starts up, and click New to open the Edit Switchboard Item dialog box
Part III:
Improving the Workplace
TIP You ll need to include an item at the end of each subordinate switchboard page s item list that
allows the user to return to the main switchboard The item moves control back up the switchboard tree to the main switchboard In addition, the opening switchboard should have an item that closes the database Three entries define a switchboard item; they are created by doing the following: 1 In the Text box, enter the text you want to appear in the list of items 2 In the Command box drop-down list, choose a command 3 In the Switchboard box, depending on which command you choose in step 2, enter the command argument The title of the box and the arguments vary with the command chosen Table 21-1 describes the available commands and the arguments that they require, if any To create an efficient switchboard system, place the buttons for the most commonly performed tasks on the main switchboard, and place buttons for the secondary or subordinate activities on other pages The most frequent activity performed in the Police application is to look up or enter Alpha Card information in the Alpha Card form This form also displays the Alpha Entry information in a subform Start with the Police switchboard system: 1 Type Enter/Edit Alpha Card Data in the Text box in the Edit Switchboard Item dialog box
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