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Paint QR Code in Microsoft Office PART II

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Filtering to work orders to be completed in July 2007
Encoding Barcode In .NET
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Part II:
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Retrieving and Presenting Information
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As an example of filtering to a partial value, filter the Bid Data table so that you see only records that contain the word heater in the Description field 1 In the Bid Data datasheet, select the heater part of Replace Waterheater in the Description field of the Bid Number 98-102 record 2 On the Home tab s Sort & Filter group, click the Selection command and choose Ends with heater from the context menu Two records remain, both with the word heater in the Description field
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3 To remove the filter, click the Filtered button in the Record Navigation bar If the field is a Date/Time field, you also have the option of entering Beginning and Ending Dates
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NOTE You cannot filter multivalued fields using a partial selection The selection command is not
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available for Attachment fields Filter By Selection applies only one filter condition at a time If you need to filter based on a combination of two or more values, you can apply the second Filter By Selection criterion to the records that remain after the first filter is applied This is equivalent to combining the filter criteria with an AND operator For example, you might want to see records for work orders for heater jobs supervised by Ferrell Apply a filter that limits the records to heater jobs, and then apply a second filter to the results of the first The second filter further limits the result to records with both values The order of applying the filters doesn t make any difference; the result is the same either way When you click the Remove Filter command, the entire filter is removed, not only the last one you applied
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TIP If you press tab to reach the Drawing field (don t click it or you ll jump to the hyperlink target),
Data Matrix 2d Barcode Encoder In Java
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Bar Code Scanner In Java
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and then click Filter By Selection, you can see all the records that refer to the same drawing For example, the Bay Window drawing is used for three work orders
Sorting, Filtering, and Printing Records
Filter By Form
Filter By Form is one of the choices in the Advanced Filter Options context menu Filter By Form isn t much different from Filter By Selection Instead of selecting a value from the datasheet or subdatasheet as a filter criterion, you enter the value in a filter grid The grid is a table skeleton that resembles a blank record showing all the filterable fields in the table with space to enter filter values One advantage of using Filter By Form is that you can combine filter criteria You can specify two or more conditions, so a record must meet any one or all of them to survive the filter The multiple criteria can apply to a single field or to more than one field If you want to filter the records in a subdatasheet, click the expand indicator to display the subdatasheet records, and then proceed as with a datasheet filter
NOTE You can t use Filter By Form for Memo, Hyperlink, Yes/No, or OLE Object fields Entering Filter Criteria
When you click the Advanced Filter Options command and choose Filter By Form in the context menu, the table grid similar to the one here appears on the screen The most recent filter saved with the table appears in the filter grid Notice that Access has created an expression from your Filter By Selection criterion The expression Like *Heater means that all records that have a value in the Description field ending with heater will be shown
TIP The asterisk in front of the word Heater in the filter indicates the characters you selected appeared
at the end of the value The filter shows all other records that end with heater If you want records with the value anywhere in the field, add another asterisk, so the filter becomes Like *Heater* Right-click in the Filter By Form tabbed document to see three useful commands: Apply Filter/Sort Delete Tab Runs the filter
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