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Resource Management
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esource management in a Project Server environment is based on the concept that the goal is to achieve gains in efficiency by using the correct resources with the right skill sets on the appropriate tasks while performing work on optimal projects Project Server cannot solve resource management issues on its own, but rather provides a set of tools that enable improvement Some information on resource management has already been discussed earlier in the book, but not in this context With the exception of the smallest companies, almost no organization without an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) or similar system can really be sure what work is being performed The organization cannot normally tell how well projects are tracking, and in particular it cannot determine how staff are allocated Without a system like Project Server 2007, some resources are overallocated and some need more work to do Frequently, opportunities are missed because staff in a branch office do not realize that there is a resource in a different branch with the skills that are needed for a project Other times, the manager of a department full of overworked employees realizes that her team is overburdened, but does not have the justifying proof for adding headcount, nor supporting evidence to reject a new project Project Server offers many options for organizations to improve the way that resources are managed Keep in mind that useful resource data are the result of the data that are input to Project Server (garbage in, garbage out) and that for data to be valid they must meet some key requirements detailed next Resources must be Timephased and leveled (although not automatically leveled) within and across projects Thus if resources are added to each task in a project or even each project at 100 percent units (that is, the percentage of the resource s available time), then the views and reports will display every resource as overallocated Timephasing is an absolute requirement to achieve the most useful resource results It is up to the project manager to execute the timephasing of resources on their projects ( 21 discusses timephasing in more detail) Using timephasing is almost always the appropriate way to plan the use of resources who are working across multiple projects Another option, automatic resource leveling, can also provide assistance in the hands of an expert; however, this feature is very difficult for most project managers to understand and use correctly In addition to
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Part V:
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Project Server in Action
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the intricate knowledge of Task Types, a thorough understanding of the scheduling engine of Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 is required It is so intricate, in fact, that we cannot recommend its use in most cases If resources need to be categorized for reporting purposes (as they usually do), then custom enterprise resource fields will be required These fields are attributes that can be assigned to individual resources They should be based on reporting requirements that is, things that differentiate one set of resources from another Keep in mind that when naming these fields, use only letters, numbers and underscores; no other characters should be used The following are some examples of useful resource fields: RBS (resource breakdown structure) The RBS is usually used to define the organizational structure and resources (people and generic users) that are each assigned into one portion of that structure This field is used for security-related purposes, but is often also used as an attribute for reporting An example is a Project Web Access (PWA) view that displays assignment data about all resources who report to a particular manager You will learn more on the RBS in the next section Resource Type This is a built-in field Each resource must be a work, material, or cost type Role A Role field can be used to establish the primary role for each user Depending on the organizational requirements, secondary and even tertiary role fields could be used The primary role field is often a good one to use for the Match function in the Build Team tools (which you will learn more about later in this chapter) Skills This could be used to associate many skills with a resource using a single field You will learn more about this topic later in the chapter Team Project Server uses the Team field to assign a team to a task and to support the assignment team functionality The field itself is included in the default installation, but the actual lookup (team names) for this field is not, and thus must be built to support this functionality As noted in 9 (in the Correctly Connecting the Team Name Field section), you should avoid configuring this field until you clearly understand how to use it Resource Type or Resource Category This field can be used in many ways One example is to indicate whether a resource is a salaried exempt or hourly nonexempt employee for tracking costs The cost for using nonexempt staff increases directly if they work more hours, whereas an exempt employee s cost will not increase (in most cases) Another way to use such a field is to differentiate between employee and consulting resources
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