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When you first access the Central Administration page after installing MOSS on a server, the Administrator Tasks List is displayed (see Figure 5-1) The Tasks list contains the administrative tasks you should consider and perform as appropriate to complete the configuration of MOSS on each server These important tasks complete the configuration and settings required for MOSS to completely function As you complete each task, it is automatically removed from the task list You can also remove any unnecessary or unwanted tasks, but you should review what each is asking you to do before doing so The Administrator Tasks list commonly includes most, if not all, of the following, depending on your particular installation: Read the Quick Start Guide Configure Incoming E-mail Settings Configure Outgoing E-mail Settings Create New Web Application Configure Workflow Settings Configure InfoPath Forms Services Add/Change Excel Services Trusted Locations Service Level Settings for SharePointServices1 Change Service Accounts Check Services Enabled in this Farm Configure Diagnostic Logging Enable SSO in the Farm Add Antivirus Protection
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Post-Installation Configuration
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Figure 5-1 The Central Administration Administrator Tasks list
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In the following sections, each of the tasks typically included in the Tasks list are discussed and the steps used to complete each task are listed As you will see, not all tasks are appropriate for every installation, so you may or may not need to complete each task Some tasks can be deferred until later or deleted as unnecessary NOTE You should first, before starting any of the Administrator Tasks, read the Quick Start Guide The Quick Start Guide describes the administrative tasks required to complete your MOSS installation The guide contains links to various help topics that explain how to perform each of the administrative tasks listed in the Administrative Tasks list
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SharePoint sites can be configured to perform a number of actions on incoming e-mail, including archiving incoming e-mail, saving e-mail attachments, or adding meeting
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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: A Beginner s Guide
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Remote Administration
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If you are responsible for maintaining any aspect of an MOSS system, it may prove very helpful to enable Remote Administration on your server(s) As its name implies, Remote Administration allows an administrator to control a server from a remote location, meaning somewhere other than physically in front of the server You ll appreciate this ability the next time you receive an after-hours support request To set up Remote Administration on a Windows Server 2003 computer: 1 On the Windows Desktop, right-click My Computer 2 Select Properties from the pop-up menu 3 Choose the Remote tab on the System Properties dialog box shown below 4 Check the Enable Remote Desktop on this computer box By default, domain administrators already have Remote Administration access All other user accounts or groups must be individually granted access to a remote desktop To grant Remote Administration access: 5 On the Remote tab, click the Select Remote Users to open the Remote Desktop Users dialog box 6 Click the Add button and enter a username or security group and then click Check Names to verify the user or group name 7 Click OK to grant the user or security group access 8 Click OK to close the Remote Users window 9 Click OK to close the Remote tab
invites to site calendars Incoming e-mail settings may be configured automatically if the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is installed with Internet Information Services (IIS) If you prefer not to use SMTP, you can use the advanced setting option (explained in the Enable Incoming E-mail section later in the chapter) to specify incoming e-mail settings such as an e-mail drop folder, which MOSS will then check periodically for new e-mail messages To install and enable SMTP for IIS, perform these steps: TIP To install SMTP for IIS, you may be prompted for your Windows Server 2003 installation CD, so have it available 1 Log in to your MOSS standalone server or each of your MOSS Web front-end servers 2 Open the Control Panel and click the Add or Remove Programs icon
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