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Single Sign-On
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In many business environments, complex passwords are in use on multiple systems and applications, resulting in multiple passwords (and possibly usernames) for the users A common complaint of users in such an environment is that complex passwords are difficult to remember This situation often leads to users writing their passwords down and effectively undermining the security the password was attempting to provide To minimize the impact of multiple complex passwords on the user s ability to access information quickly and efficiently, MOSS supports a single sign-on feature However, as is typically the case, what makes access easier for the user, also makes access easier for intruders The concept of single sign-on is simple: a user is authenticated once and only once, commonly on a portal From that point forward, any additional authentication required by other systems is performed on behalf of the user through the single sign-on service Single sign-on capitalizes on the strength of computers to store, recall, and protect complex passwords, and attempts to overcome the inherent weakness of users who are reluctant to use them As additional applications and systems are added to the user environment, adding additional complex passwords, they can be added to the MOSS single sign-on service and added to the users portals
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Web Parts Security
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By default, SharePoint users are allowed to create connections between separate Web Parts to allow one Web Part to export some or all of its data to another Web Part SharePoint users are also able, by default, to browse the Online Web Part Gallery to search, browse, and add Web Parts to Web Part Pages If you determine that either of these capabilities is a security risk, either or both features can be disabled using Application Management
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MOSS Security
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To access MOSS Application Management: 1 On the SharePoint Central Administration page, open the Application Management tab 2 Click the Application Security option and choose Security for Web Part pages (see Figure 7-8) 3 Choose the appropriate Web security area to enable and disable these functions Aside from granting permissions at the site-level in MOSS, you can specify unique permissions to a list or library that are more restrictive than the permissions assigned to the entire web site, which is the common action taken
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Figure 7-8 The Security For Web Part pages administrative page
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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: A Beginner s Guide
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To change the permissions assigned to a list: 1 From the site containing the list, choose the list you wish to manage from the List portion of the Quick Launch menu (You might want to provide an alternate description to get to a list s settings through Site Settings in case the list is not in the QLM) 2 Click the Settings option to display its drop-down list 3 Select List Settings 4 Click the Permissions For This List link under Permissions and Management on the List Settings page At this point, if you wish to assign unique permissions to the list, it must stop inheriting its permissions from the site or its parent list The result of breaking the inheritance relationship between the list and the site or parent list is that any future changes to the permissions of the parent won t be applied to the list This can increase your administrative burden if frequent changes are made to the site, because the same changes may also need to be made to each list not set to inherit its permissions
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Figure 7-9 The Search Engines List with unique list permissions
MOSS Security
If you wish to proceed: 5 Open the Actions drop-down menu and select Edit Permissions You will receive a warning about creating unique permissions, as discussed earlier 6 Click OK The parent permissions are copied and applied to the active list as its unique permissions, which can then be removed, changed, or added to without affecting the parent site, as illustrated in Figure 7-9
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