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Creating Deployment Jobs
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You gain access to jobs and paths through the same option From the Operations page, click the Content Deployment Paths and Jobs link, which will open up the Deployment Paths and Jobs page (Note that a deployment path must be defined before a job can be created) Clicking New Job will open the Create Content Deployment Job page:
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In the first section, you specify the Name and Description of the job (be descriptive so that users can quickly identify it) Under the Path, you can choose the deployment path for this job and then you can specify to copy either the whole Site Collection or one or more sites at one time (the Select Sites button allows you to browse for them) In the next section, you set the Job Schedule From here, you can see that you have all kinds of options for frequency, starting dates, times, and so on Below that you have the Deployment Options; as you can see, this is set to Change Only (incremental) This can also be set to Everything for a first time deployment or a complete site refresh Finally, you can be notified when the job is complete or if there is a problem with it Click OK to save the job; the job will automatically fire up on its own, based on the schedule you set
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Automating Publishing Deployment
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There are many times when an organization might want to automatically deploy content pages where the content is from another source, comes from another item, or even comes from information found in Line of Business systems MOSS provides the Publishing Namespace, a very easy way to work with documents and data sources for the automation of content creation Using Publishing Namespace, there are several ways in which a little code here and there can completely automate the process: Using Event Receivers This is a list or library that can trigger an event (like an Add or Update) and then either create or even update an existing page using the list (or library) content Using Workflow This hooks into workflow, and can easily automate the process; it works very well when dealing with external entities (translators, content providers, and so on) that communicate to SharePoint via e-mail (This is another use for e-mail enabled libraries!) Using Web Parts A web part can easily be created to provide some interactivity with the user, perhaps by selecting the documents to publish and then handling the updating of pages automatically Using Applications This is for connecting to a known SharePoint site from an application that enables the creation of timer jobs for managing publications, either on-demand or on schedule All of these methods use the same basic logic Either data or a file is collected and then, using a document converter, converted to a page and published While I don t want to jump too far into SharePoint development, it is worth it to take a quick look at programmatic publishing While the User Interface is great, it certainly isn t the end all; if you had to publish more than just a few documents, it could take quite a while The Publishing Namespace gets around issues like this As an example, let s use a real scenario: Problem Your organization works with several outside contributors that provide articles that go into a yearly corporate report Work goes on for the whole year and all of them must be reviewed Because the editors sometimes need to send the whole document back to the contributor, it is easier to keep the articles in Word format until they are ready to be published While a work in process, they are stored in a SharePoint Document Library in the site The Document Library is e-mailenabled, so that contributors simply mail the documents there Alerts notify editors when a new document has been added At year end, all articles must be published to the site on a certain date and hundreds of documents in the library must be converted to pages in the site One solution Create a console application that can be run on demand, through Windows Scheduler or as a Timer job Here is the sum total of the code you need to accomplish this:
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