c# barcode reader source code Define a Method to Support the SpecificFinder Stereotype With our Finder in Microsoft Office

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Define a Method to Support the SpecificFinder Stereotype With our Finder
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operation in place, the next thing we need to add is a SpecificFinder operation to allow clients to retrieve a single specific entity 1 Follow steps 2 and 3 above to add a new method, but this time select Create a SpecificFinder in the BDC Method Details pane By default, the new method will be named ReadItem 2 Since this method returns only a single item, we don t need to create any filters However, we do need to add a parameter that will uniquely identify the item to be returned Since the results will consist of web pages, the most sensible identifier is the URL Follow steps 4 and 5 above to add a new parameter named itemUrl 3 A new Type Descriptor of itemUrlTypeDescriptor is added For the sake of brevity rename this as itemUrl using the BDC Explorer:
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Business Connectivity Services
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4 Before we move on to add the code to support these new methods, we need to add one more piece of metadata to the model: we need to declare our identifier Rightclick the WebResult entity and select Add | Identifier, as shown next Change the default name to itemUrl
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5 With this identifier created, we can now update the metadata for the itemUrl descriptor that we re using to define the parameter for the ReadItem method In the BDC Explorer pane, select the itemUrl type descriptor (ReadItem | itemUrl | itemUrl), and then, in the Properties pane, change the Identifier property to itemUrl
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Part IV
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Now that we have the metadata in place for our model, we can start fleshing out our ReadList and ReadItem methods 1 Save the BDC model, and then switch to the Solution Explorer pane in Visual Studio You ll notice that a WebResultServicecs file has been added Open this file, and you can see that as we ve been making changes to the model, Visual Studio has automatically created stub methods with the appropriate parameters for us Since we don t need them, delete the Entity1cs and Entity1Servicecs files that were added to the project by default 2 In the WebResultService class, add the following code:
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using using using using using SystemCollectionsGeneric; SystemLinq; SystemServiceModelChannels; SystemServiceModel; BingConnectivityMicrosoftBing;
namespace BingConnectivityBdcModel1 { public partial class WebResultService { public static IEnumerable<string> ReadList(string query) { //We can t perform a web search with no query if (!stringIsNullOrEmpty(query)) { //Get an instance of the Bing proxy class BingPortTypeClient client; SearchRequest request = GetRequestProxy(out client); //Setup the request parameters requestQuery = query; //Execute the search SearchResponse response = clientSearch(request); //Shape the results to suit our requirements var results = from r in responseWebResults select rUrl; } else { } } public static string ReadItem(string itemUrl) { if (!stringIsNullOrEmpty(itemUrl)) { BingPortTypeClient client; return results;
return null;
Business Connectivity Services
SearchRequest request = GetRequestProxy(out client); requestQuery = itemUrl; SearchResponse response = clientSearch(request); //Since urls are globally unique this query will //only return one result return responseWebResultsSingle()Url;
} else { } }
return null;
private static SearchRequest GetRequestProxy(out BingPortTypeClient client) { //When we added the service reference Visual Studio automatically //added configuration information to appconfig //However since this assembly may be called from a number of processes //appconfig won t be available As a result we need to manually //configure the service Binding b = new BasicHttpBinding(); EndpointAddress address = new EndpointAddress("http://apibingnet:80/soapasmx"); client = new BingPortTypeClient(b, address); SearchRequest request = new MicrosoftBingSearchRequest(); requestAppId = "ENTER YOUR APPID HERE"; //We re only interested in search the Web source //See Bing SDK for more details on this parameter requestSources = new SourceType[] { SourceTypeWeb }; } } } return request;
3 With the methods fleshed out, we can now build and deploy the model to SharePoint to see the results of our actions Choose Build | Deploy BingConnectivity The project will be built, packaged, and automatically installed on the SharePoint server that we specified when creating the project 4 In SharePoint Designer, navigate to the External Content Types explorer You can see that a new WebResult content type has been added with type Net Assembly By opening the content type, you can see whether the metadata configuration is as expected and the appropriate operations have been added
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