Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services in VS .NET

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services
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new Identifier { InternalId = UserId }; Response = mds_ProxyValidationGet(Request); //Return the list of current validation issues for the specified user return ResponseValidationIssueList; }
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ValidationGetByMember Example
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This operation returns results related to a member or set of members In this example we pass in a single member
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public Collection<ValidationIssue> ValidationGetByMember( string ModelName, string VersionName, string EntityName, string MemCode) { ValidationGetRequest Request = new ValidationGetRequest(); ValidationGetResponse Response = new ValidationGetResponse(); //Instantiate the ValidationSearchCriteria and add //all relevant identifiers RequestValidationSearchCriteria = new ValidationSearchCriteria(); RequestValidationSearchCriteriaModelId = new Identifier { Name = ModelName }; RequestValidationSearchCriteriaEntityId = new Identifier { Name = EntityName }; RequestValidationSearchCriteriaVersionId = new Identifier { Name = VersionName }; RequestValidationSearchCriteriaMemberTypeId = MemberTypeLeaf; //Create a member identifier for each member MemberIdentifier newMem = new MemberIdentifier { Code = MemCode }; //Add Members to the members collection for which you // want to see validation issues RequestValidationSearchCriteriaMembers = new Collection<MemberIdentifier>(); RequestValidationSearchCriteriaMembersAdd(newMem); //Return the collection of current validation issues Response = mds_ProxyValidationGet(Request); return ResponseValidationIssueList; }
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13: Ex tending MDS with Web S er vices
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ValidationProcess Example
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ValidationProcess will validate a model and version combination or it will validate a set of members passed into the operation You can use an EntityMembersGet operation to retrieve a set of members related to a group of search terms and then loop through those members In this simple example, we will validate only a single member and pass back all validation issues found
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public Collection<ValidationIssue> ValidationProcess(string ModelName, string verName, string EntityName, string memCode) { //Instantiate all request and response objects ValidationProcessRequest Request = new ValidationProcessRequest(); ValidationProcessResponse Response = new ValidationProcessResponse(); //Instantiate the Criteria and Options objects RequestValidationProcessCriteria = new ValidationProcessCriteria(); RequestValidationProcessOptions = new ValidationProcessOptions(); //Set Model and Version Identifiers - these will be //required in all instances RequestValidationProcessCriteriaModelId = new Identifier { Name = ModelName }; RequestValidationProcessCriteriaVersionId = new Identifier { Name = verName }; RequestValidationProcessCriteriaEntityId = new Identifier { Name = EntityName }; RequestValidationProcessCriteriaMembers = new Collection<MemberIdentifier>(); RequestValidationProcessCriteriaMembersAdd (new MemberIdentifier { Code = memCode }); //Options can return validation results or trigger the commit //of a version (when validation is already successful) RequestValidationProcessOptionsReturnValidationResults = true; Response = mds_ProxyValidationProcess(Request); return ResponseValidationIssueList; }
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services
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Managing Transactions
Transactions can provide users and managers with a complete record of all changes that have been made in the system Model administrators will be able to see all transactions made within a model, while each user will have access to their own changes These transactions also support reversal
TransactionsGet Example
TransactionsGet operations return a list of transactions that meet the provided search criteria Transaction search criteria only support values that are equal, so these criteria are exposed as identifiers attached to the criteria
public Collection<Transaction> TransactionGet(string ModelName, string EntityName, string verName) { TransactionsGetRequest Request = new TransactionsGetRequest(); TransactionsGetResponse Response = new TransactionsGetResponse(); //Instantiate the TransactionSearchCriteria class and add the //criteria to filter your results RequestTransactionSearchCriteria = new TransactionSearchCriteria(); //TransactionSearchCriteria can consist of any of the //attributes of transaction management RequestTransactionSearchCriteriaModelId = new Identifier { Name = ModelName }; RequestTransactionSearchCriteriaEntityId = new Identifier { Name = EntityName }; RequestTransactionSearchCriteriaVersionId = new Identifier { Name = verName }; Response = mds_ProxyTransactionsGet(Request); return ResponseTransactionList; }
TransactionsReverse Example
While there may be many programmatic uses for TransactionsGet, TransactionsReverse should be used with caution TransactionsReverse does not actually reverse the transaction, but rather reverts the current value from MDS to the prior value stored in the transaction log This procedure can be very valuable when you need to reverse a change after triggering an external action Make sure that you reverse the most recent transaction
13: Ex tending MDS with Web S er vices
The following procedure is a simple example of how to reverse a single transaction based on the ID of the transaction This procedure will throw an error if an invalid transaction ID is provided You could add a conditional statement around the TransactionsReversed return statement to handle this case
public int TransactionReversal(int TranId) { TransactionsReverseRequest Request = new TransactionsReverseRequest(); TransactionsReverseResponse Response = new TransactionsReverseResponse(); //Instantiate the transactions object and //add the integer ID for the transaction to reverse RequestTransactions = new Collection<int>(); RequestTransactionsAdd(TranId); Response = mds_ProxyTransactionsReverse(Request); return ResponseTransactionsReversed[0]NewId; }
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