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Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V
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IDS Network Access Control
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An intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS/IPS) is software or hardware that is designed to detect attempts at accessing or modifying a computer system through a network These attempts can be attacks from the outside, or internal attacks from curious or disgruntled employees, or from someone who has gained unauthorized access to your network IDS/IPS systems are used to detect numerous types of malicious behavior that can breach a network s security This includes network attacks against services, attacks on applications, unauthorized logins, and access to sensitive files There can be many components to an IDS/IPS, including the following: Sensors Console Used to monitor traffic and generate security events Used to monitor events and alerts and control sensors
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Central engine Used to record events logged by the sensors in the database; uses a system of rules to generate alerts from security events received
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IDS/IPS can be configured in a number of ways, including: In network-based IDS/IPS, the sensors are located at choke points in the network to be monitored, usually in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), at the network s borders, and in-between user or server LAN segments The sensor captures network traffic and analyzes it for malicious traffic They are independent platforms that examine network traffic and monitor multiple hosts Network-based IDS/IPS can also be configured to passively monitor network traffic by connecting to a switch port configured for port mirroring Protocol-based IDS/IPS are systems or agents that sit at the front end of a server, monitoring and analyzing communication protocols between a connected device and the server For instance, for a web server this would normally be an analysis of HTTP or HTTPS protocols Application protocol-based IDS/IPS systems sit within a group of servers monitoring the communication on certain protocols For instance, a web server with a database would be monitored for the SL protocol specific to the business logic as it transacts with the database A host-based IDS/IPS is composed of an agent on a host, identifying intrusions by analyzing system calls, application logs, file-system modifications, and other host activities A hybrid IDS/IPS is a combination of two or more approaches Host agent data is combined with network information to get a comprehensive view of the network
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Hyper-V Security
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Network Security Threats
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Viruses are malware that inserts malicious code into existing documents or programs, and then propagate to other computers Trojan horses This is a type of malware attack that is delivered in an executable file, usually as something innocuous, like an online greeting card or a computer game This type of code might also be delivered via an infected web site Once installed on the computer, the Trojan horse is able to execute almost any computer code An example of a recent Trojan horse delivered via email purported to show the recipient a picture if the user opens an attachment When the attachment was opened, the Trojan horse code was able to install itself Once installed, it installed a keylogger on the infected computer The keylogger recorded every keystroke by the computer s user, and was able to steal financial account information and passwords Spam The Hormel Corporation makers of canned Spam don t like that this name has been used for this type of email But you can t unscramble an egg, so to speak, so it looks like the term s usage is here to stay Anyway, it is said that worldwide spam makes up 70 to 84 percent of daily emails That results in billions of dollars in lost productivity and gives IT departments extra work to do to filter out the mess Phishing This is a method by attackers to try to trick you into giving out sensitive account information For instance, we may all have seen a fake PayPal email (or one from a variety of major banks) with the subject line Urgent: Your Account Has Been Breached Within the message is a link to an unsecure web site that is made to look like PayPal, and where thieves are hoping the recipient will update their information by providing credit card numbers or passwords Packet sniffers These capture data streams over a network, allowing for the capture of sensitive data like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers While losing a password or credit card number is problematic enough, IT managers also face the threat of lawsuits for noncompliance of data protection regulations Malicious web sites Web sites that have been designed with evil in mind can do everything from install Trojan horses to redirecting you to an unrequested site For instance, a web site could be created to appeal to a user s generous nature A site offering to help natural disaster victims can ask for your credit card, and when you put it in, then hackers can use it however they see fit Password attacks These are sundry methods to steal a password, including Brute force A very labor-intensive and unsophisticated method is to try to guess a password by entering different combinations of words and phrases compiled from a dictionary
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