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Packet sniffers As mentioned earlier, these glean data from a compromised network IP spoofing This attack involves the interception of data by pretending to be a trusted server Trojans As mentioned above, these install surreptitious software to intercept a password
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Hardware loss The theft of government laptops has caused great concern Not because the government can t afford to replace one, but because so often there is sensitive data contained on them Some estimates say that hardware loss is the cause of more than 10 million cases of identity theft each year Zombie computers and botnets Hackers take over individual computers without the owner s awareness and use them to send out spam Infected zombie computers are organized by spammers into small groups called botnets Botnets then transmit the spam that might include phishing attempts, viruses, and worms
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There are many books available on operating system security that will go into much deeper detail than we will in this book, but we wanted to add a quick review for you and perhaps introduce a new concept that you can then go and find more information about An operating system is simply an interface between a user and the hardware it s installed on The operating system hosts applications and makes sure that each of those applications has hardware resources available to them to run Sound familiar As we noted earlier, the hypervisor is an operating system, and all it really does is provide access to hardware resources on a particular server The parent partition has its responsibilities for providing access to resources, and the guest operating system provides system resources for the applications you want to run This makes things a little more complex from a perspective of securing the operating system Knowing that, Microsoft has thrown us a bone on securing the hypervisor part of this equation Microsoft has built the Hyper-V hypervisor to be as small as possible, and doesn t allow any third-party software into the hypervisor By doing this, Microsoft can control the code that s in the hypervisor and can spend more time analyzing the code they wrote to be as secure as possible Microsoft did this to reduce the attack surface a malicious entity has on a host system An attack surface is the number of things a malicious entity has to access in order to try to compromise a system The type of things that an entity could try to exploit are device drivers, running services, and code that is running on a system If a malicious entity gains control of the hypervisor, then it ultimately owns that host
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Hyper-V Security
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From a high level, securing your operating system is relatively straightforward When you create your baseline configuration, you want to determine the following information: Services that are required to run Core applications and core application configuration that will be installed on the system such as: Antivirus NET Framework Monitoring clients Server management clients and applications
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Service accounts that needs to be created and what rights they should have on that system Network ports that must be open Network communication protocols to be used Auditing rules for accounts and objects on your computer Users that need access to the operating system and what rights they will need on that system
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Once you document these items, you want to create scripts and/or use tools to automate the installation and configuration of your systems The reason that you want to automate the installation of your system and configurations is that takes the human factor out of the configuration Also, your configuration is repeatable and the same on each server Having this repeatable process will help you troubleshoot, and will give you the ability to know what s happening on your systems Generally, when you perform an audit, your auditors will want to see your server build procedures and verify that you follow those procedures If you are building servers by hand, it can be difficult to verify what you are doing But if you have automated builds, you can show the auditor your automated build tool and show the build logs of your servers This can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend with the auditor and save your company a considerable amount of money If you are using Active Directory as your directory service, leveraging Group Policy is a must for securing your servers If you re not using Active Directory with your servers today, we highly recommend that you implement it We also recommend that you implement Active Directory in your corporate networks as well as in the external networks for your servers Active Directory contains a feature called Group Policy Group Policy is used with Active Directory to centralize user and computer settings Windows 2000 and later Windows versions all have local Group Policy and support Group Policy coming from Active Directory Figure 11-1 shows the Group Policy console for Windows Server 2008
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