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The virtual machine bus (VMBUS) is used for communication between the parent and child partition via the virtual service provider and the virtual service client The VMBUS provides a virtualized environment if your system is running a virtualization-optimized processor
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Hyper-V creates logical units of isolation in which a guest operating system will be installed Each of those logical units is called a partition There are two types of partitions that are created in Hyper-V, the parent partition and the child partition Parent Partition The parent partition, or root partition, runs the virtualization stack and is the partition that has direct access to the hardware devices When you install Windows Server 2008 and then implement the Hyper-V role, your initial installation becomes the parent or root partition The parent partition runs the virtualization service provider (VSP) that talks directly to the device drivers through the hypervisor and offers hardware services when requested by child partitions The virtualization stack consists of the VM worker processes, a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider, and the VM Services The VM worker processes are user-mode components of the virtualization stack The VM worker processes provide virtual machine management (VMM) services from the parent partition to the child partitions For each child partition there is a separate set of VM worker processes created The virtual machine management service is responsible for managing the state of each child partition The parent partition also contains a specific set of WMI APIs to allow you to programmatically control and manage a virtual machine The virtualization infrastructure driver (VID) and Windows Hypervisor Interface Library or WinHV components are used for physical resource management The VID provides management services for partitions, virtual processor management, and memory management The WinHV component allows a partitioned operating
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Virtualization Overview
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system to talk to the hypervisor directly with standard Windows calling conventions The parent partition is also used to create child partitions that will run an isolated guest operating system with applications Child Partition The child partition runs a guest operating system that can have applications installed and running many different functions of a business If a supported hypervisoraware operating system is installed on the guest virtual machine or child partition, it will run the virtualization service client or VSC The VSC consumes the services that the VSP makes available for use Each device type for Hyper-V such as storage, networking, video, and input devices has a VSP/VSC pair that Microsoft has provided If you are using a supported device from a third-party independent hardware vendor (IHV), that vendor will supply a VSP/VSC pair for you that has undergone strict testing by Microsoft Hyper-V categorizes operating systems into two different categories: a hypervisoraware operating system and a non-hypervisor-aware operating system A hypervisoraware operating system is extremely similar to a paravirtualized operating system Paravirtualization is a method that lets a guest operating system know that it s being virtualized and allows for the host system and the guest system to cooperate to help reduce the performance cost on key functions of a guest operating system Hypervisoraware operating systems work directly with Hyper-V to realize performance and management gains by taking advantage of Enlightened I/O Windows Server 2008 is a fully enlightened operating system right out of the box SUSE Enterprise Linux is also a fully enlightened operating system in which older versions of Windows Server and other x86 operating systems have different levels of enlightenment Two different types of devices are present in a child partition: synthetic and emulated A synthetic device is designed to have the lowest overhead and utilizes the VMBUS to send packaged instructions to a driver on the parent partition An emulated device is a device that emulates a physical device such as a network interface card After you install a supported operating system onto a child partition, you will want to install the integration components on that operating system Integration components are a set of services and drivers that help the virtual machine perform and behave in a more consistent manner There are integration components for both Windows and Linux operating systems The Windows Integration Components installs the virtualization service client as well as time synchronization, heartbeat, shutdown, key/value pair exchange, and the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) The time synchronization component plays an important role in keeping child partitions in sync This can be achieved using a network protocol as well, but the time synchronization component comes in handy when a network resource isn t available, or where a network protocol may be too slow Having the ability to synchronize time quickly becomes very important when restoring a virtual machine from a saved state, or when bringing a virtual machine back online that has been in a dormant state for an extended period of time The parent partition will use the heartbeat component to send a regular request to the child partition to verify if that partition is available If the parent partition doesn t receive a response in a timely manner, it will continue to request a status and will log events for the missing replies
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