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Citrix Systems, Inc offers its Citrix XenApp 5, which provides for delivering Windows applications as an on-demand service These new features for its latest release are designed to make the most of XenApp implementations by offering capacity planning, server provisioning, and application management tools, all the while providing users with a seamless experience anytime, from anywhere, with any device Citrix understands the challenges that our customers face today with shrinking budgets and the pressures of doing more with less, and we are committed to helping businesses meet these challenges using proven technology that impacts the bottom line, said
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Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V
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Mick Hollison, vice president of XenApp product marketing at Citrix Systems As a core component of the Citrix Delivery Center product family, XenApp is now even more valuable in helping organizations manage and deliver applications using fewer resources by adding hundreds of dollars in value on top of what they already get with XenApp for no additional cost Citrix XenServer is available as a core feature of all editions of Citrix XenApp, extending the value of its enterprise-class server virtualization to the more than 1 million servers currently running XenApp in datacenters Using XenServer with XenApp allows organizations to virtualize XenApp server workloads, effectively converting a single physical server with idle capacity into multiple, virtual servers running at full capacity Customers benefit from server consolidation with virtually no overhead and increased agility through flexible, enterprise-class virtual infrastructure Included in the enhancements to XenApp 5 is the ability to manage a single, standardized XenApp server image in a central location, and dynamically provision it to hundreds of XenApp servers across a large, distributed datacenter environment in minutes Organizations can now save money on storage and ongoing management, while streamlining application management to respond faster to business needs New user-profile management capabilities in XenApp 5 allow organizations to maintain and consolidate a user s profile, eliminating common profile reconciliation problems such as write/overwrite issues when accessing user settings on different devices Additionally, XenApp 5 users have a faster logon experience with personal preferences that are always present Local application virtualization, previously only available in the Enterprise and Platinum editions of XenApp, is available in every edition of XenApp 5 This capability allows customers to stream centrally managed applications to an end user s PC or laptop and run them locally in a virtualized environment, even when the user is disconnected from the network As a result, XenApp customers no longer need to purchase separate licenses to enable offline access for mobile laptop users The management toolset included with XenApp Enterprise and Platinum Editions creates realistic simulations that help IT benchmark XenApp hosting servers This capability eliminates the need for third-party benchmarking software, and ensures that organizations are using server capacity in the most efficient way
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VDI Architecture with Dynamic Applications
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So what does this all mean It means that not only are you saving money with your desktops, but you re also saving money by reducing the amount of time your administrators spend with desktops and the amount of time that an end user may be down because of application compatibility issues or if you need to rebuild the desktop You can use application virtualization in conjunction with desktop virtualization and folder redirection to make the desktop completely dynamic Leveraging the idea of creating roles for business functions that your users will do and tying applications to those roles allows you to create roles within tools like System Center Configuration Manager Let s say that a manager in the accounting department
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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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has just hired a new accountant who will start in a couple of days Since you ve moved your entire accounting department to a virtual desktop environment, you can leverage templates to get the virtual machine up and working very quickly But that s only the start Sure, you may have the Office suite in your base image, but what about the other applications that new accountant will need on the first day Since you ve defined a role for accountant, and you know that role needs five additional applications, you could install them by hand, but that will take you a whole day because two of the applications don t tend to work well together, and you have other responsibilities to manage By leveraging App-V to create and virtualize the application, and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deploy those virtual applications to your desktops (virtual or physical), you can get back to working on the other projects that you have You can create a dynamic collection in SCCM that is for the accountant role, and then advertise the virtual applications to members of that collection What happens is that when you create that virtual machine, it is dynamically added to the SCCM collection, and the applications are automatically installed to the desktop
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