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Design Server Roles
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placeholder for the domain If you need to move objects between domains in the same forest, you need to initiate the move from the RID Master Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Emulator The master service that provides backward compatibility to Windows NT If there are Windows NT domain controllers or Windows NT network clients within the domain, this server acts as the primary domain controller for the domain It manages all replication to backup domain controllers If there are no legacy Windows (read pre-Windows 2000) clients or DCs in the forest structure, then the forest can operate in full functional mode In this case, the PDC Emulator focuses on its two other roles: time synchronization on all DCs and preferential account modification replication to other DCs All domain controllers in the domain will set their clock according to the PDC Emulator, as will all member servers and PCs In addition, any account modification that is critical password modification, account deactivation will immediately be replicated to the PDC Emulator from the originating server If a logon attempt fails on a given DC, the DC checks with the PDC Emulator before rejecting the attempt because it may not have received recent password changes The PDC Emulator supports two authentication protocols: Kerberos V5 (Windows 2000 and later) and NTLM (Windows NT) The final role of the PDC Emulator is preferential Group Policy management By default, all GPOs are stored first and foremost on the PDC Emulator If it is not available, they will be stored on other servers Infrastructure Master The master system that manages two critical tasks: The update of references from objects in its domain to objects in other domains This is how the forest knows to which domain an object belongs The Infrastructure Master has a close relationship to the Global Catalog (GC) If it finds that some of its objects are out of date compared to the GC, it will request an update from the GC and send the updated information to other DCs within the domain
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C AUTION The Global Catalog service and the Infrastructure Master system should not be stored on
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the same DC, unless there is only one server in the forest or the forest root domain is very small Problems can arise if they are on the same computer, because the Infrastructure Master shares the same database as the Global Catalog It will not be able to tell if it is out of date or not Thus, it will never request updates In a large forest, this can cause other DCs to be out of synch with GC contents The second function it fulfills is the update and modification of group members within the domain If a group includes objects from another domain and these objects are renamed or moved, the Infrastructure Master will maintain the consistency of the group and replicate it to all other domain controllers This ensures that users maintain access rights, even though you perform maintenance operations on their accounts These domain-centric master roles should be separated, if possible This depends, of course, on the size of each domain Whatever its size, each domain should have at least two domain controllers for redundancy, load balancing, and availability
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P r e p a r e Yo u r I d e n t i t y M a n a g e m e n t
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Global Catalog Server Positioning
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The Global Catalog is also a special domain controller role Any domain controller can operate as a Global Catalog The GC is the server that holds a copy of forest-wide database contents within each domain By default, it includes about 20 percent of forest data everything that has been marked within the forest database schema as having forest-wide interest The GC has three functions: Find objects The GC holds information about users and other objects in your domain User queries about objects are automatically sent to TCP port number 3268 and routed to the GC server Allow UPN logons Users can log on to other domains across the forest using their User Principal Name (UPN) If the domain controller validating the user does not know the user, it will refer to the Global Catalog Because the GC holds information about every user in the forest, it will complete the logon process if it is allowed by the user s rights Support universal groups All universal groups are stored within the Global Catalog so that they can be available forest-wide If a GC is not available at logon, logon is denied because the user s universal groups cannot be enumerated Since these groupings can include access denials, the logon is denied Native WS08 forests have enhanced GC functionality because they gain the features of a fully functional WS03 forest For example, they can replicate only universal group modifications instead of the entire universal group when changes are made In addition, native WS08 DCs can cache users universal membership data, removing the need to constantly consult the GC, so the GC service does not need to be as widespread as in Windows 2000 networks The GC service should, however, be widely available If your network spans several regions, you should place at least one GC DC per region If it is not practical to place a GC locally, then you should enable Universal Group Membership (UGM) Caching for all DCs in the region Placing the GC server in the region will ensure that universal group logon requests are not sent over the WAN The WAN is required for the first logon attempt if no GC is present in the region, even if UGM Caching is enabled, because the logon DC must locate a GC server Local GC servers are also useful for applications using port 3268 for authentication requests Consider potential cross-domain logons when determining where to place GC servers
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